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BushelScript/AEthereal v0.5.0
AppleScript-compatible AppleEvents for Swift
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.package(url: "https://github.com/BushelScript/AEthereal.git", from: "v0.5.0")


AppleScript-compatible AppleEvents for Swift

AEthereal constructs, sends, and receives replies from AppleScript-compatible AppleEvents. "AppleScript-compatible" means that the entire standard AppleEvent Object Model (object and insertion specifiers, etc.) is available and supported.


4-byte AppleEvent codes

AEthereal refers to 4-byte AppleEvent codes as "AE4 codes", with Swift type AE4.

Descriptor encoding/decoding

Conversion between Swift objects and AppleEvent descriptors is done through the Swift Codable interface. Anything Codable can be sent in an AppleEvent and decoded from a reply. "Unkeyed containers" encode list descriptors; "keyed containers" encode record descriptors. To use custom record keys, use a CodingKeys enum with AE4 raw type, and conform it to AE4CodingKey.

private enum CodingKeys: AE4, AE4CodingKey {
    // ...
    case container = 0x66726f6d
    // ...

Keys that are well-known event attribute codes are encoded as such.

To enforce use of a non-default descriptor type code, conform your type to AETyped.

struct ObjectSpecifier: AETyped {
    // ...
    public var aeType: AE4.AEType {
    // ...

AppleEvent send functions will encode attributes and parameters for you, but if you still want to manually encode something, use AEEncoder. AppleEvent send functions do not decode anything other than errors, so if you have to read the reply data, use AEDecoder.

Query building

Beginning at a RootSpecifier, chain calls to any of these methods to build queries:

  • byProperty(_:) — property object specifier
  • byUserProperty(_:) — AppleScript "user property" object specifier
  • byIndex(_:_:) — by-index object specifier
  • byAbsolute(_:_:) — absolute position (first, last, middle, random, all) object specifier
  • byRelative(_:_:) — relative position (before/previous, after/next) object specifier
  • byName(_:_:) — by-name object specifier
  • byID(_:_:) — by-ID object specifier
  • byRange(_:_:) — by-range object specifier
  • byTest(_:_:) — by-test (filter) object specifier
  • insertion(at:) — insertion specifier
let nameOfEveryDocument =
    .byAbsolute(AE4.AEType(rawValue: AE4.Classes.document), .all)
    .byProperty(AE4.AEType(rawValue: AE4.Properties.name))

AppleEvent sending

Create an App from an AETarget and call sendAppleEvent with an event class/ID pair and any of:

  • a target Query
  • event parameters (dictionary from AE4 to anything Encodable)
  • requested data type (encoded as a parameter)
  • "considering/ignoring" flags
  • send options and timeout in seconds

If you need a transaction, use withTransaction.


Parts of AEthereal come from the "dynamic bridge" portion of hhas' SwiftAutomation framework.


hhas has released SwiftAutomation into the public domain. AEthereal uses a dual-licensing approach to retain the spirit of "public domain" while dealing with its often dubious legality.

You may choose one of the following license options:

  1. AEthereal is released into the public domain, with absolutely no warranty provided.
  2. AEthereal is released under the terms of the MIT License, a copy of which is provided in LICENSE.txt.


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Release Notes

29 weeks ago

Fixed this release:

  • Propagation of error codes and messages
  • Encoding file URLs and property specifiers
  • Decoding lists (off-by-one)

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