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A protocol for transmission of messages between hot and cold cryptographic wallets.


See the Docs directory for:

  • AirgappedSigningSchema.json, which is JSON Schema document that validates protocol messages.
  • AirgappedSigningExamples.md, which is documented examples of the protocol.


  • Swift 5

  • Xcode 11

  • The AirgappedSigning framework depends on the Bitcoin framework, which includes a pre-made build of libbitcoin. To properly install this, you need to first install the latest version of Git and the Git Large File Storage handler:

$ brew install git
$ brew install git-lfs
$ which git
$ git --version
git version 2.21.0


AirgappedSigning no longer supports building via Cocoapods, but since it depends on the Bitcoin framework, which in turn embeds several third-party pre-built binary frameworks (libbitcoin etc.) it is also not suitable for distribution via the Swift Package Manager at this time. So for now, it is built directly as an Xcode project.

The AirgappedSigning, Bitcoin, and CBitcoin project directories should be siblings in the same directory:

+—— CBitcoin
|   |
|   +—— CBitcoin.xcodeproj
+—— Bitcoin
|   |
|   +—— Bitcoin.xcodeproj
+—— AirgappedSigning
    +—— AirgappedSigning.xcworkspace    
$ cd MyProjects
$ git clone https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/iOS-CBitcoin.git CBitcoin
$ git clone https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/iOS-Bitcoin.git Bitcoin
$ git clone https://github.com/BlockchainCommons/AirgappedSigning.git AirgappedSigning
$ cd CBitcoin/Sources
$ unzip -q Frameworks.zip
$ cd ../../AirgappedSigning
$ open AirgappedSigning.xcworkspace/

⚠️Make sure you open AirgappedSigning.xcworkspace and not AirgappedSigning.xcodeproj.

Within Xcode:

  • Wait for the required Swift Packages to resolve
  • Build the AirgappedSigning target for an available platform.

Unit Tests

The AirgappedSigningDemo app is simply an iOS container for the test suite. To run the unit tests, select the AirgappedSigningDemo target and then Product > Test.


Wolf McNally, wolf@wolfmcnally.com


AirgappedSigning is available under the Apache 2 license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


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