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An abstract FileStorage solution, based on the SwiftNIO framework.
.package(url: "https://github.com/BinaryBirds/liquid-kit.git", from: "1.2.0")


An abstract FileStorage solution, based on the SwiftNIO framework.

Key-based file storage

  • The main concept of LiquidKit is somewhat similar how AWS S3 buckets work.
  • You can use keys (relative path components) to store files using various drivers.
  • Keys should be designed to work with all the supported drivers.
  • Drivers should provide a resolution mechanism to return the absolute URL for a given key.


the key "test.txt" could be resolved to "http://localhost:8080/assets/test.txt" when using the local fs driver.

Drivers and Vapor 4 support

Currently available drivers:

LiquidKit is also compatible with Vapor 4 through the Liquid repository, that contains Vapor specific extensions.

Usage with SwiftNIO

You can use the Liquid FileStorage driver directly with SwiftNIO, here's a possible usage example:

/// setup thread pool
let elg = MultiThreadedEventLoopGroup(numberOfThreads: 1)
let pool = NIOThreadPool(numberOfThreads: 1)

/// create fs  
let fileio = NonBlockingFileIO(threadPool: pool)
let storages = FileStorages(fileio: fileio)
storages.use(.custom(exampleConfigVariable: "assets"), as: .custom)
let fs = storages.fileStorage(.custom, logger: .init(label: "[test-logger]"), on: elg.next())!

/// test file upload
let key = "test.txt"
let data = Data("file storage test".utf8)
let res = try fs.upload(key: key, data: data).wait()

How to implement a custom driver?

Drivers should implement the following protocols:


Used to uniquely identify the file storage driver.

public extension FileStorageID {
    static var customDriver: FileStorageID { .init(string: "custom-driver-identifier") }


A custom set of configuration variables required to initialize or setup the driver.

struct LiquidCustomStorageConfiguration: FileStorageConfiguration {
    let exampleConfigVariable: String

    func makeDriver(for storages: FileStorages) -> FileStorageDriver {
        return LiquidCustomStorageDriver(fileio: storages.fileio, configuration: self)


The file storage driver used to create the underlying storage object (that implements the API methods) using the configuration and context.

struct LiquidCustomStorageDriver: FileStorageDriver {

    let fileio: NonBlockingFileIO
    let configuration: LiquidCustomStorageConfiguration

    func makeStorage(with context: FileStorageContext) -> FileStorage {
        LiquidCustomStorage(fileio: fileio, configuration: configuration, context: context)
    func shutdown() {



Actual storage implementation that handles the necessary API methods.

struct LiquidCustomStorage: FileStorage {

    let fileio: NonBlockingFileIO
    let configuration: LiquidCustomStorageConfiguration
    let context: FileStorageContext
    init(fileio: NonBlockingFileIO, configuration: LiquidCustomStorageConfiguration, context: FileStorageContext) {
        self.fileio = fileio
        self.configuration = configuration
        self.context = context

    // MARK: - api

    func resolve(key: String) -> String { /* ... */ }
    func upload(key: String, data: Data) -> EventLoopFuture<String> { /* ... */ }
    func createDirectory(key: String) -> EventLoopFuture<Void> { /* ... */ }
    func list(key: String?) -> EventLoopFuture<[String]> { /* ... */ }
    func copy(key source: String, to destination: String) -> EventLoopFuture<String> { /* ... */ }
    func move(key source: String, to destination: String) -> EventLoopFuture<String> { /* ... */ }
    func delete(key: String) -> EventLoopFuture<Void> { /* ... */ }
    func exists(key: String) -> EventLoopFuture<Bool> { /* ... */ }


An extension on the FileStorageConfigurationFactory object that helps you to create the custom driver with the necessary config values.

public extension FileStorageConfigurationFactory {

    static func custom(exampleConfigVariable: String) -> FileStorageConfigurationFactory {
        .init { LiquidCustomStorageConfiguration(exampleConfigVariable) }


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Release Notes

New API methods & better docs
20 weeks ago
  • The following API methods are now available:
    • resolve
    • upload
    • copy
    • move
    • create directory
    • delete
    • exists
  • There is a new LiquidError enum with a keyNotExists case for missing key errors.
  • Documentation is updated with driver implementation details
  • Dependencies are updated (swift-nio, swift-log)

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