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Bearologics/VaporDeviceCheck 1.0.3
A Vapor 4 Middleware implementing the  DeviceCheck API
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Bearologics/VaporDeviceCheck.git", from: "1.0.3")

📱 VaporDeviceCheck

A Vapor 4 Middleware implementing the Apple DeviceCheck API.

🛠 Using the Middleware

First add the package to your Package.swift:

.package(url: "https://github.com/Bearologics/VaporDeviceCheck", from: "1.0.1")

Then configure your Vapor Application and make sure to set up the JWT credentials to authenticate against the DeviceCheck API, in this example we're using environment variables which are prefixed APPLE_JWT_ and install the Middleware:

import VaporDeviceCheck

enum ConfigurationError: Error {
    case noAppleJwtPrivateKey, noAppleJwtKid, noAppleJwtIss

// configures your application
public func configure(_ app: Application) throws {
    guard let jwtPrivateKeyString = Environment.get("APPLE_JWT_PRIVATE_KEY") else {
        throw ConfigurationError.noAppleJwtPrivateKey
    guard let jwtKidString = Environment.get("APPLE_JWT_KID") else {
        throw ConfigurationError.noAppleJwtKid
    guard let jwkIssString = Environment.get("APPLE_JWT_ISS") else {
        throw ConfigurationError.noAppleJwtIss
    let jwkKid = JWKIdentifier(string: jwtKidString)
        .es256(key: try! .private(pem: jwtPrivateKeyString.data(using: .utf8)!)),
        kid: jwkKid,
        isDefault: false

    // install middleware
    app.middleware.use(DeviceCheck(jwkKid: jwkKid, jwkIss: jwkIssString, excludes: [["health"]]))

    // register routes
    try routes(app)

That's basically it, from now on, every request that'll pass the Middleware will require a valid X-Apple-Device-Token header to be set, otherwise it will be rejected.

🔑 Setting up your App / Retrieving a DeviceCheck Token

You'll need to import Apple's DeviceCheck Framework to retrieve a token for your device.

import DeviceCheck

DCDevice.current.generateToken { data, error in 
		error == nil,
		let data = data
	else {
		// handle error
	let xAppleDeviceCheckToken = data.base64EncodedString()

The xAppleDeviceCheckToken base64 string will be your X-Apple-Device-Token header value.

📗 How it works

Under the hood the Middleware will call api(.development).devicecheck.apple.com, authenticate using the JWT provided and check if the value of the X-Apple-Device-Token header is a valid DeviceCheck Token.

The Middleware will first try to validate the token against Apple's production environment, if this fails it will try the sandbox environment, if both fail it will bail out with an appropriate error response.

👩‍💼 License

See here.


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Release Notes

Issues happen
3 years ago

The DeviceCheck initialiser wasn't public, pardon this mistake. It's fixed by now.

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