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Batch SDK for iOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/BatchLabs/Batch-iOS-SDK.git", from: "1.17.1")
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Batch iOS SDK

The Batch iOS SDK allows you to build meaningful communication experience in your iOS app through highly personalized push notifications & In-App messages.

Our 📕 setup documentation details the steps to take for an easy and successful integration.


The Batch iOS SDK requires Xcode 12 and iOS 10.0 or higher.


  • Setup guide: start your implementation here!
  • Help center: answers to most questions you may have during the integration
  • API reference: this documents each of the classes and methods in the Batch iOS SDK

You may also find this guide useful to review after integration to make sure you're ready to go live: How can I test the integration on iOS?


We support Cocoapods, Carthage and SPM. You can also integrate the Batch iOS SDK manually.


Build instructions are detailed in BUILDING.md.


Please refer to our contributing guidelines.


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Last commit: 1 week ago

Release Notes

1 week ago

Compiled with Xcode 12.4
Batch requires Xcode 12 and iOS 10.0 or higher

This release backports changes from 1.17.1


  • Fix a bug where a user could not interact with the application under a Banner format on iPadOS 14. iPhones were unaffected.
  • Fix a very rare race condition where the SDK could crash in -[BALocalCampaignsManager isEventWatched:].

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