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AudioKit/SoundpipeAudioKit v5.2.2
Soundpipe extension to AudioKit
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.package(url: "https://github.com/AudioKit/SoundpipeAudioKit.git", from: "v5.2.2")

Soundpipe AudioKit

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This extension to AudioKit has the majority of old versions of AudioKit's DSP including oscillators, physical models, filters, reverbs and more.


See the AudioKit Cookbook for examples.


Install with Swift Package Manager.


Name Description Language
SoundpipeAudioKit API for using Soundpipe-powered Audio Units Swift
CSoundpipeAudioKit Audio Units for the Soundpipe DSP Objective-C++
Soundpipe Low-level DSP for oscillators, physical models, and effects C

Generators / Instruments

Effects / Filters


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Release Notes

Version 5.4
48 weeks ago

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