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AudioKit/AudioKitUI 0.3.6
Controls and Visualization for AudioKit apps
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.package(url: "https://github.com/AudioKit/AudioKitUI.git", from: "0.3.6")

AudioKit User Interfaces

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Waveform plots and controls that can be used to jump start your AudioKit-powered app.


Complete API reference appears in the AudioKit.io web site


We use SwiftUI so you need to target iOS 13+ and macOS 10.15+.

Installation via Swift Package Manager

To add AudioKitUI to your Xcode project, select File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency. Enter https://github.com/AudioKit/AudioKitUI for the URL.


Just like AudioKit, the example project for AudioKitUI is the AudioKit Cookbook.


Because some user interfaces are quite complex, and don't really have AudioKit as a dependency, we will be putting them in other repositories under the AudioKit umbrella.

Piano Roll


piano roll screenshot


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Release Notes

5 weeks ago

Xcode 15 support

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