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App-Maker-Software/LiveApp 0.4.1
A server-driven SwiftUI solution powered by App Maker Professional's SwiftUI Interpreter.
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.package(url: "https://github.com/App-Maker-Software/LiveApp.git", from: "0.4.1")

Live App

This repository hosts both the Swift Package and Homebrew CLI for Live App, a server-driven SwiftUI solution powered by App Maker Professional's SwiftUI Interpreter. Also provides extremely "fast SwiftUI previews" for local development.

The Swift Package adds less than 1 megabyte to your app footprint.

This is under active development, if you would like to contribute, contact Joe Hinkle.

Notice: No longer being worked on

This project was never finished nor will it be worked on for the foreseeable future.

Fast SwiftUI Previews


In the demo GIF above, the app was only compiled once before recorded started. ALL updates you see were performed automatically through LiveApp's hot reload server.





Install the liveapp CLI with Homebrew.

# (optional) brew update
brew install App-Maker-Software/tools/liveapp

Add this script as a "Run Script" phase to your build phases in Xcode.

if ! /usr/bin/liveapp build:bundle ; then
    if ! /usr/local/bin/liveapp build:bundle ; then
        /opt/homebrew/bin/liveapp build:bundle

Then start using the LiveView protocol in place of the SwiftUI View for any view you want to be updatable remotely.

Swift Interpreter

The Swift interpreter is in it's own repo here.

While the interpreter mainly excels at interpreter declarative-style SwiftUI code, its eventual goal is to be able to run most imperative-style Swift code too. You can quickly see it's support for various Swift features by looking at the test results automatically written to this markdown file. You can also run these tests locally yourself if you wish.


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Release Notes

2 years ago

Major update. New documentation in the works

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