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AndreasVerhoeven/AveDataSource 1.0.0
Update TableViews and CollectionViews with ease
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.package(url: "https://github.com/AndreasVerhoeven/AveDataSource.git", from: "1.0.0")


This is a library that makes working with CollectionView and UITableViews easier by managing the data for you and ensuring that the right insert/delete operations are called.

It's similar to UIKit DiffableDataSource, but with one addition: it supports updating existing cells with animation, without replacing the actual cell. This ensures that in flight animations are not interrupted.


The basis of everything is a snapshot. A snapshot is a view of your data at a given moment. If we have two snapshots, we can calculate the diff of those two and know exactly what to update.

A snapshot manages Items in Sections. The concrete Item Type and Section Types need to implement Identifiable so that they have a stable id that doesn't depend on their data.

As an optimization, there's also SingleSectionSnapshot which only manages a list of Items: this is useful if you only ever have one section.


There are three variants:

  • TableViewDataSource that manages the data in all sections of your table view
  • SingleSectionTableViewDataSource that manages the data in a table view with only one single section
  • TableViewSectionDataSource that book keeps data in one section, while you are responsible for the other sections and implementing the actually data .


let dataSource = TableViewDataSource(tableView, cellProvider: { tableView, item, indexPath
  return tableView.dequeueCellWithIdentifier("Cell")
dataSource.cellUpdater = { tableView, cell, item, indexPath, animated in
  cell.textLabel?.setText(item.text, animated: animated)

var snapshot = dataSource.currentSnapshot
snapshot.addItems([Item(text: "Item 1")], to: .first)
snapshot.addItems([Item(text: "Item 2")], to: .first)
snapshot.addItems([Item(text: "Item 3")], to: .third)
dataSource.apply(snapshot, animated: true)


There are two variants:

  • CollectionViewDataSource that manages the data in all sections of your collection view
  • SingleSectionCollectionViewDataSource that manages the data in a collection view with only one single section


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