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Alkenso/SwiftSpellbook 0.3.4
Swift Must Have Tools
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Alkenso/SwiftSpellbook.git", from: "0.3.4")


SwiftSpellbook is collection of additions to Swift standard library that makes development easier.


While participating in many projects (macOS and iOS) I use the same tools and standard types extensions. Once I've decided stop to copy-paste code from project to project and make single library that covers lots of developer needs in utility code.


At top level, the code is organized into libraries that cover big areas. Now there are only two:

  • SpellbookFoundation: utility code
  • SpellbookHTTP: HTTP client
  • SpellbookTestUtils: utility code frequently used for Unit-Tests

The libraries/targets are organized as one level nested folders to distinguish between areas they are related to.


The most of utility code lives here.

  • BinaryParsing: read and write data buffers or files in raw binary format
  • Combine: Combine.framework extensions
  • Common:
  • DictionaryParsing: deal with data nested deeply in dictionaries
  • Filesystem & Bundle: FileManager, Bundle and same utilities
  • GUI: CoreGraphics utilities. This is NOT an AppKit/UIKit/SwiftUI
  • Low Level: extensions to deal with (popular) C structures, unsafe types, etc.
  • ObjC Bridging: Caching Objective-C and C++ exceptions from Swift code
  • System & Hardware: UNIX and Process utilities
  • Threading & Concurrency: utilities that make multithead development easier
  • Types & PropertyWrappers: misc types and property wrappers
  • ValueObserving: utilities that allows observe and modify-with-observe on any types


If you've found this or other my libraries helpful, you could buy me some pizza

You can also find Swift libraries for macOS / *OS development

  • sXPC: type-safe wrapper around NSXPCConnection and proxy object
  • sLaunchctl: register and manage daemons and user-agents
  • sMock: Swift unit-test mocking framework similar to gtest/gmock
  • sEndpointSecurity Swift wrapper around EndpointSecurity.framework


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Last commit: 2 days ago
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Release Notes

Minor improvements
2 days ago
  • Implement Data.init(contentsOf:ifNoFile:) for case when file does not exist
  • Improve detection if inside XCTest execution

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