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Alkenso/SwiftConvenience 0.0.25
Swift Must Have Tools
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.package(url: "https://github.com/Alkenso/SwiftConvenience.git", from: "0.0.25")


Convenient additions to Swift standard library that makes development pleasant.

Brief history

While participating in many projects (mostly macOS) I use the same tools and standard types extensions. Once I've decided stop to copy-paste code from project to project and make single library that covers lots of developer needs in utility code.



  • CancellationToken: track cancelled state of the tasks
  • CommonError: most common error types in developers' practice
  • Environment: runtime access to build environment: if debug, if testing, etc.
  • Some standard types extensions
  • Some utility types

Filesystem & Bundle

  • Bundle: convenience extensions
  • FileManager: recursive setAttributes and the same
  • FileEnumerator: Swift approach for deep enumeration of the filesystem
  • Temporary Directory: simple working with temporary files and directories

Low level

  • IOKitError: swift error wrapping IOKit statuses
  • Mach: mach utilities
  • POD: conformance popular C structs to Swift Equatable / Codable / etc
  • Unsafe: a bit more UnsafePointer... utilities

System & Hardware

  • DeviceInfo: platform-dependent information about device (model, serial, etc)
  • Process: convenience extensions

Wrappers & PropertyWrappers

  • Atomic
  • Box / Weak / WeakBox
  • Clamping: restrict value type to some bounds
  • Synchronized: object wrapper around value to provide thread-safety
  • Resource (RAII wrapper, smart pointer analog)


  • Utilities to serialize / deserialize things in binary format


  • WildcardExpression: same as RegularExpression, but for wildcards (?, *)
  • Transfromer: generic approach of transforming one value to another using multiple 'reducers'


  • NSXPCConnection: audit_token_t property
  • NSException: catching Obj-C exceptions from Swift code


  • convenient utilities used in XCTests


You can also find Swift libraries for macOS / *OS development

  • sXPC: type-safe wrapper around NSXPCConnection and proxy object
  • sLaunchctl: register and manage daemons and user-agents
  • sMock: Swift unit-test mocking framework similar to gtest/gmock


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jonrohan Something's broken? Yell at me @ptrpavlik. Praise and feedback (and money) is also welcome.

Release Notes


New features

  • protocol RawComparable
  • process Signing information
  • obj-c @synchronized analog
  • ProgressValue type

Fixes & Improvements

  • FileManager.removeItemIfExists
  • Improve FileEnumerator filtering
  • fix SynchronousExecutor
  • remove using of private API

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