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Hello Gaming Agora iOS

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The Hello Gaming Agora iOS Sample App is an open-source demo that will help you get voice chat integrated directly into your iOS game applications using the Agora Gaming SDK.

With this sample app, you can:

  • Join / leave channel
  • Mute / unmute audio
  • Switch speaker

A full-fledged demo can be found here: Spacewar-with-AMG-Voice-SDK-SpriteKit

Agora Video SDK supports iOS / Android / Windows / macOS etc. You can find demos of these platform here:

Running the App

First, create a developer account at Agora.io, and obtain an App ID. Update "KeyCenter.swift" with your App ID.

static let AppId: String = "Your App ID"

Next, download the Agora Gaming SDK from Agora.io SDK. Unzip the downloaded SDK package and copy libs/AgoraAudioKit.framework to the “HelloGaming” folder in project.

Finally, Open HelloGaming.xcodeproj, connect your iPhone/iPad device, setup your development signing and run.

Developer Environment Requirements

  • XCode 8.0 +
  • Real devices (iPhone or iPad)
  • iOS simulator is NOT supported

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The MIT License (MIT).


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