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Agora iOS Tutorial for Swift - 1to1

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The Agora iOS Tutorial for Swift 1to1 Sample App is an open-source demo that will help you get video chat integrated directly into your iOS applications using the Agora Video SDK.

With this sample app, you can:

  • Join / leave channel
  • Mute / unmute audio
  • Enable / disable video
  • Switch camera

This demo is written in Swift, you can find Objective-C version here: Agora-iOS-Tutorial-Objective-C-1to1

A full-fledged demo can be found here: OpenVideoCall-iOS

Agora Video SDK supports iOS / Android / Windows / macOS etc. You can find demos of these platform here:

Running the App

First, create a developer account at Agora.io, and obtain an App ID. Update "AppID.swift" with your App ID.

let AppID: String = "Your App ID"

Next, download the Agora Video SDK from Agora.io SDK. Unzip the downloaded SDK package and copy the "libs" folder to the project folder.

Finally, Open Agora iOS Tutorial.xcodeproj, connect your iPhone/iPad device, setup your development signing and run.

Developer Environment Requirements

  • XCode 8.0 +
  • Real devices (iPhone or iPad)
  • iOS simulator is NOT supported

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