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AdguardTeam/SafariConverterLib v2.0.48
Swift library that converts AdGuard rules to Safari content blocking rules
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.package(url: "https://github.com/AdguardTeam/SafariConverterLib.git", from: "v2.0.48")

Swift Safari Converter

Content Blocker converter swift code

Safari Content Blocker

Converts filter rules in AdGuard format to the format supported by Safari.

How to build:

    swift build


    swift test

How to use converter:

    let result: ConversionResult? = ContentBlockerConverter.convertArray(
        rules: [String],
        safariVersion: SafariVersions = .DEFAULT,
        optimize: Bool = false,
        advancedBlocking: Bool = false
        advancedBlockingFormat: AdvancedBlockingFormat = .json

Please note, that safariVersion must be an instance of enum SafariVersions.

The result contains following properties:

  • totalConvertedCount: length of content blocker
  • convertedCount: length after reducing to limit (depends on provided Safari version)
  • errorsCount: errors count
  • overLimit: is limit exceeded flag (the limit depends on provided Safari version)
  • converted: json string of content blocker rules
  • advancedBlocking: json string of advanced blocking rules
  • advancedBlockingText: txt string of advanced blocking rules

How to use converter from command line:

    ConverterTool [--safari-version <safari-version>] [--optimize <optimize>] [--advanced-blocking <advanced-blocking>] [--advanced-blocking-format <advanced-blocking-format>] [<rules>]

Please note that minimal supported Safari version is 13


    cat rules.txt | ./ConverterTool --safari-version 13 --optimize false --advanced-blocking true --advanced-blocking-format txt

The tool then reads stdin line by line for rule until an empty line.

How to release on GitHub

Push a new tag in v*.*.* format, then provided github action is intended to build and publish new release with an asset binary.

Supported AdGuard rules types:

Basic content blocker format:

  • Elemhide rules (##)
  • Elemhide exceptions
  • Url blocking rules
  • Url blocking exceptions

Extended Advanced blocking types:

  • Script rules (#%#)
  • Script rules exceptions
  • Extended css elemhide rules (#?#)
  • Scriptlet rules (#%#//scriptlet)
  • Scriptlet rules exceptions

Third-party dependencies

Use as node module

  • Swift 4 or higher

After installation the build process occurs and binary file will be copied to bin directory


jsonFromRules(rules, advancedBlocking, safariVersion, converterToolPath) - method to convert rules into JSON

  • rules - array of rules
  • advancedBlocking - if we need advanced blocking content (boolean)
  • safariVersion
  • converterToolPath - path to ConverterTool binary

getConverterVersion - returns Safari Converter Lib version


  • Safari does not support both if-domain and unless-domain triggers. That's why rules like example.org,~foo.example.orgs are invalid. Feature request to WebKit to allow such rules.
  • Cosmetic exception rules will only affect the rules with the very same domain. I.e. the rule example.org#@##banner will result in removing example.org from example.org,example.net###banner, but will have no result on subdomain.example.org###banner.
  • Rules with ping modifier are ignored (until #18 is solved)
  • Exception rule with specifichide modifier disables all specific element hiding rules for the same level domain and doesn't influence on subdomains or top-level domains, i.e. the rule @@||sub.example.org^$specifichide doesn't disable test.sub.example.org##.banner and example.org##.banner
  • generichide, elemhide, specifichide and jsinject modifiers can be used only as a single modifier in a rule.

denyallow rules

A rule with the denyallow modifier will be converted into a blocking rule and additional exception rules.

For example:

  • Generic rule *$denyallow=x.com,image,domain=a.com will be converted to
  • Blocking rule /banner.png$image,denyallow=test1.com|test2.com,domain=example.org will be converted to

Exception rule @@/banner.png$image,denyallow=test.com,domain=example.org will be converted to



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Release Notes

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See CHANGELOG.md for the list of changes.

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