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0xOpenBytes/FLet 2.0.0
Micro Framework Collection
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๐Ÿ•“ 1 week ago
iOS macOS watchOS
.package(url: "https://github.com/0xOpenBytes/FLet.git", from: "2.0.0")


A collection of micro frameworks


  • t (FLet.testing): ๐Ÿงช Quickly test expectations

    • t is a simple testing framework using closures and errors. You have the ability to create a suite that has multiple steps, expectations, and asserts. Expectations can be used to expect one or multiple assertions. t can be used to test quickly inside a function to make sure something is working as expected. t can also be used in unit test if wanted.
  • c (FLet.composition): ๐Ÿ“ฆ Micro Composition using Transformations and Cache

    • c is a simple composition framework. You have the ability to create transformations that are either unidirectional or bidirectional. There is also a cache that values can be set and resolved. c can be used anywhere to create transformations or interact with the cache.
  • o (FLet.transput): Output and Input for File, URL, and Console

    • o is a simple framework to output to a file, url, the console, or even register notification using UserNotifications. o can also get input from a file, url, or console. Currently, o can be used on macOS, iOS, and watchOS.



t.suite {
    // Add an expectation that asserting true is true and that 2 is equal to 2
    try t.expect {
        try t.assert(true)
        try t.assert(2, isEqualTo: 2)
    // Add an assertion that asserting false is not true
    try t.assert(notTrue: false)
    // Add an assertion that "Hello" is not equal to "World"
    try t.assert("Hello", isNotEqualTo: "World")
    // Log a message
    t.log("๐Ÿ“ฃ Test Log Message")
    // Log a t.error
    t.log(error: t.error(description: "Mock Error"))
    // Log any error
    struct SomeError: Error { }
    t.log(error: SomeError())
    // Add an assertion to check if a value is nil
    let someValue: String? = nil
    try t.assert(isNil: someValue)
    // Add an assertion to check if a value is not nil
    let someOtherValue: String? = "๐Ÿ’ "
    try t.assert(isNotNil: someOtherValue)
try t.expect {
    let someValue: String? = "Hello"
    try t.assert(isNil: someValue)
try t.assert("Hello", isEqualTo: "World")
t.log("๐Ÿ“ฃ Test Log Message")

// Assert suite is true
    t.suite {
        try t.assert(true)

// Assert expectation is true
    try t.expect("true is true and that 2 is equal to 2") {
        try t.assert(true)
        try t.assert(2, isEqualTo: 2)

// Assert is false
    try t.assert(false)


Local Cache
let cache = c.cache()

cache.set(value: Double.pi, forKey: "๐Ÿฅง")

let pi: Double = cache.get("๐Ÿฅง") ?? 0

try t.assert(pi, isEqualTo: .pi)

let resolvedValue: Double = cache.resolve("๐Ÿฅง")

try t.assert(resolvedValue, isEqualTo: .pi)
Global Cache
let someCache: Cache = ...

// Set the value of a Cache with any hashable key
c.set(value: someCache, forKey: "someCache")

// Get an optional Cache using any hashable key
let anotherCache: Cache? = c.get(0)

// Require that a Cache exist using a `.get` with a force unwrap
let requiredCache: Cache = c.resolve(0)
let transformer = c.transformer(
    from: { string in Int(string) },
    to: { int in "\(String(describing: int))" }

let string = transformer.to(3)
let int = transformer.from("3")

try t.assert(transformer.to(int), isEqualTo: string)


o.console.out("Value to print: ", terminator: "") //    (oTests/oTests.swift@7) [testExample()]: Value to print:
o.console.out(o.console.in()) // Type in "???";         (oTests/oTests.swift@8) [testExample()]: Optional("???")
let filename: String = ...

// Write the value 4, an Int, to the file named `filename`. Files using o.file are base64Encoded.
try o.file.out(4, filename: filename)

// Asserts
XCTAssertNoThrow(try o.file.in(filename: filename) as Int)
XCTAssertEqual(try? o.file.in(filename: filename), 4)

// Delete the File
try o.file.delete(filename: filename)

// Assert deletion
XCTAssertThrowsError(try o.file.in(filename: filename) as Int)
struct Post: Codable {
    let userId: Int
    let id: Int
    let title: String
    let body: String

// GET Request

    url: URL(string: "api/posts")!,
    successHandler: { (posts: [Post], response) in

// POST Request

let post = Post(userId: 1, id: 1, title: "First!", body: "")

try o.url.out(
    url: URL(string: "api/posts/\(post.id)")!,
    value: post,
    successHandler: { data, response in
// Request Notification Authorization 

// Set UNUserNotificationCenter.current's delegate to `o.notification.delegate`

// Schedule a Notification
    title: "Hello!",
    subtitle: "o.notification",
    body: "Woo Hoo!",
    trigger: UNTimeIntervalNotificationTrigger(
        timeInterval: 3,
        repeats: false

Shorthand Typealias

public typealias __ = FLet


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