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0xLeif/LocationCacheStore 0.1.0
CoreLocation Store using CacheStore
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.package(url: "https://github.com/0xLeif/LocationCacheStore.git", from: "0.1.0")


CoreLocation State Store

What is CacheStore?

CacheStore is a SwiftUI state management framework that uses a dictionary as the state. Scoping creates a single source of truth for the parent state. CacheStore uses c, which a simple composition framework. c has the ability to create transformations that are either unidirectional or bidirectional.


public typealias LocationStore = Store<LocationStoreKey, LocationStoreAction, LocationStoreDependency>


/// `LocationStore` Keys
///     - location: CLLocation
public enum LocationStoreKey {
    case location // CLLocation


/// `LocationStore` Actions
public enum LocationStoreAction {
    case updateLocation
    case locationUpdated(CLLocation?)


/// `LocationStore` Dependency
public struct LocationStoreDependency {
    public var shouldContinuouslyUpdate: Bool
    public var updateLocation: () async -> CLLocation?
    public init(
        shouldContinuouslyUpdate: Bool = true,
        updateLocation: @escaping () async -> CLLocation?
    ) {
        self.shouldContinuouslyUpdate = shouldContinuouslyUpdate
        self.updateLocation = updateLocation


/// Higher-order StoreActionHandler
public func locationStoreActionHandler(
    withActionHandler actionHandler: StoreActionHandler<LocationStoreKey, LocationStoreAction, LocationStoreDependency>? = nil
) -> StoreActionHandler<LocationStoreKey, LocationStoreAction, LocationStoreDependency>


public class DefaultLocationStore: LocationStore


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