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This talk is about how I manage to do localisation using 3 Raspberry Pis(RPis) as beacons. Each RPi is also equipped with a 8x8 RGB LED grid that is controlled via the iPad. This was given at both iOS Dev Scout and iOS Conf SG 2017.




  1. Overview at iOSConfSG: Slides, Video
  2. Full talk at iOSDevScout: Slides

Setup Instructions for Raspberry Pi

  1. Download Raspbian Stretch Lite and burn to SD card.

  2. Connect RPi to LAN, HDMI to screen and boot from SD card

  3. Fully update Pi

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo reboot
  1. Configure settings

sudo raspi-config

Change all relevant settings but the most important is to enlarge file system and enable SSH. Change password if you need to.

You might want to add enable_uart=1 into /boot/config.txt. It has an added side effect of capping the CPU frequency to the minimum.

sudo apt install git python-pip python-dev libpython2.7 clang
git clone https://github.com/yeokm1/ble-localiser
  1. Follow instructions to setup for pi-led-changer

  2. Follow instructions to setup for pi-broadcaster

  3. Make programs start on boot:

On RPi:

cd ~/ble-localiser
chmod +x starter.sh
sudo mv starter.service /etc/systemd/system/
sudo systemctl enable starter.service
  1. reboot


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