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XcodeProj is a library written in Swift for parsing and working with Xcode projects. It's heavily inspired in CocoaPods XcodeProj and xcode.

Projects Using XcodeProj

| Project | Repository | | -------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Tuist | github.com/tuist/tuist | | Sourcery | github.com/krzysztofzablocki/Sourcery | | ProjLint | github.com/JamitLabs/ProjLint | | XcodeGen | github.com/yonaskolb/XcodeGen | | xspm | gitlab.com/Pyroh/xspm |

If you are also leveraging XcodeProj in your project, feel free to open a PR to include it in the list above.


Swift Package Manager

Add the dependency in your Package.swift file:

let package = Package(
    name: "myproject",
    dependencies: [
        .package(url: "https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj.git", .upToNextMajor(from: "6.7.0")),
    targets: [
            name: "myproject",
            dependencies: ["XcodeProj"]),


Only macOS

# Cartfile
github "tuist/xcodeproj" ~> 6.7.0


pod 'xcodeproj', '~> 6.7.0'


Using swift-sh you can automate project-tasks using scripts, for example we can make a script that keeps a project’s version key in sync with the current git tag that represents the project’s version:

#!/usr/bin/swift sh
import Foundation
import XcodeProj  // @tuist ~> 6.7.0
import PathKit

guard CommandLine.arguments.count == 3 else {
    let arg0 = Path(CommandLine.arguments[0]).lastComponent
    fputs("usage: \(arg0) <project> <new-version>\n", stderr)

let projectPath = Path(CommandLine.arguments[1])
let newVersion = CommandLine.arguments[2]
let xcodeproj = try XcodeProj(path: projectPath)

for conf in xcodeproj.pbxproj.buildConfigurations where conf.buildSettings[key] != nil {
    conf.buildSettings[key] = newVersion

try xcodeproj.write(path: projectPath)

You could then store this in your repository, for example at scripts/set-project-version and then run it:

$ scripts/set-project-version ./App.xcodeproj 1.2.3
$ git add App.xcodeproj
$ git commit -m "Bump version"
$ git tag 1.2.3

Future adaption could easily include determining the version and bumping it automatically. If so, we recommend using a library that provides a Version object.

Documentation 📝

Want to start using XcodeProj? Start by digging into our documentation which will help you get familiar with the API and get to know more about the Xcode projects structure.

References 📚


  1. Git clone the repository git@github.com:tuist/xcodeproj.git.
  2. Generate xcodeproj with swift package generate-xcodeproj.
  3. Open XcodeProj.xcodeproj.


XcodeProj is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

FOSSA Status

Open source

Tuist is a proud supporter of the Software Freedom Conservacy

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6.7.0 - Mar 31, 2019


  • Breaking Make PBXBuildPhase.files optional to match Xcode's behavior https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/391 by @pepibumur.


  • Add location variable to XCWorkspaceDataElement https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/387 by @pepibumur.

6.6.0 - Mar 1, 2019


  • Fix adding files to PBXBuildPhase https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/380 @danilsmakotin.
  • Improve project encoding performance https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/371 by @CognitiveDisson.
  • Project decoding performance issue https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/365 by @CognitiveDisson.
  • Fix PBXTarget extension methods https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/367 by @danilsmakotin.


  • Added GPUFrameCaptureMode and GPUValidationMode options to LaunchAction https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/368 by @schiewe.
  • Add Swiftformat https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/375 by @pepibumur.


  • Breaking Rename GPUFrameCaptureMode cases to start with a lowercase letter https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/375 by @pepibumur.
  • Fix linting issues https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/375 by @pepibumur.

6.5.0 - Feb 2, 2019


  • Make Xcode.Supported.xcschemeFormatVersion public https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/361 by @yonaskolb.


  • Fix remote target dependency https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/362 by @mxcl.

6.4.0 - Jan 6, 2019


  • Added projReferenceFormat to PBXOutputSettings to allow changing the output format of generated references. withPrefixAndSuffix will give the legacy behaviour xcode will generate 32 character references as XCode does. https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/345 by @samskiter.
  • Danger https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/357 by @pepibumur.
  • Support for WorkspaceSettings https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/359 by @pepibumur.

6.3.0 - Oct 18, 2018


  • Added parallelizable and randomExecutionOrdering attributes to XCScheme.TestableReference https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/340 by @alvarhansen.


  • Fixed possible generated UUID conflicts https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/342 by @yonaskolb.
  • Fixed not working PBXFileElement.fullPath(sourceRoot:) method https://github.com/tuist/xcodeproj/pull/343 by @Vyeczorny.