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Web Framework

Key features:


.package(url: "https://github.com/tris-foundation/web.git", .branch("master"))

Fast as hell

About 80k rps on single core (i7 4gen, docker) using Fiber.

(docker) wrk -t1 -c128 -d5
Running 5s test @
  1 threads and 128 connections
  Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
    Latency     1.64ms  310.35us   3.70ms   83.52%
    Req/Sec    78.43k     8.95k   93.04k    76.00%
  390020 requests in 5.10s, 28.64MB read
Requests/sec:  76500.26
Transfer/sec:      5.62MB

2 levels of abstraction

HTTP.Application - Simple API with minimum overhead
MVC.Application - Convenience API: Controller, Context, DependencyInjector

Both API levels have built-in Request->Model, Model->Response coders.


import HTTP
import Web

struct WikiApplication: Bootstrap {
    func configure(services: Services) throws {
        try services.register(
            singleton: InMemoryWikiRepository.self,
            as: WikiRepository.self)

    func configure(application: MVC.Application) throws {
        try application.addController(WikiController.self)

    func configure(application: HTTP.Application) throws {


import HTTP
import Web

public final class WikiController: Controller, InjectService {
    let repository: WikiRepository

    public init(_ repository: WikiRepository) {
        self.repository = repository

    public static func setup(router: ControllerRouter<WikiController>) throws {
        router.route(get: "/:lang/:word", to: getDescription)

    struct GetDescription: Decodable { let lang, work: String }
    struct Description: Encodable { let title, body: String }

    func getDescription(request: GetDescription) throws -> Description {
        guard let description = repository.search(request) else {
            throw HTTP.Error.notFound
        return description


import HTTP

extension Application {
    func addHelloWorldRoute() {
        route(get: "/plaintext") { request in 
            return Response(string: "Hello, World")

Simple Asynchronous API

All the modules built on top of Async which allows us to code without callbacks.
The API is easy to use, easy to read and easy to update to async/await in the future.


import Log
import Fiber
import Web


async.task {
    do {
        let application = try WebHost(bootstrap: WikiApplication())
        try application.run(at: "", on: 8080)
    } catch {
        Log.critical(String(describing: error))


Built-in Dependency Injector

You can inject up to 6 services (out of the box).
The service can be either Context or :Injectable.

NOTE: the ininializer arguments must have no labels.

import Web

final class SimpleController: Controller, Inject2Services {
    let context: Context
    let repository: SomeRepository

    init(_ context: Context, _ repository: SomeRepository) {
        self.context = context
        self.repository = repository

singleton - shared instance per application
transient - new instance per request

let services = Servises.shared

    singleton: MyImplementation.self, 
    as: SomeProtocol.self)

    transient: MyImplementation.self, 
    as: SomeProtocol.self)

services.register(singleton: SomeProtocol.self) {
    return MyImplementation()

services.register(transient: SomeProtocol.self) {
    return MyImplementation()


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