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Neural Net in Swift

The purpose of this project was to excercise my Swift skills and prove (to myself) that I understand how a neural netork works. Only dependency is a CSV parser.

Run the app

swift package update
swift run

Check out datasets.swift & edit main.swift to use a different dataset or tweak hyperparameters.

Possible Next Challenges

  • Implement SGD
  • Add softmax layer
  • Implement more complex nets (RNN/LSTM, CNN, etc)
  • Apply another, more complex dataset

Helpful Tutorials & Articles

http://iamtrask.github.io/2015/07/12/basic-python-network/ http://iamtrask.github.io/2015/07/27/python-network-part2/

https://machinelearningmastery.com/implement-backpropagation-algorithm-scratch-python/ http://rohanvarma.me/Neural-Net/ http://www.wildml.com/2015/09/implementing-a-neural-network-from-scratch/ http://colah.github.io/posts/2015-08-Backprop/ http://cs231n.github.io/optimization-2/


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