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This project assumes you have homebrew installed and updated (brew update).


This project uses Git LFS to store binary files. To use Git LFS you need to the latest git and git-lfs installed. To install it, run brew update && brew install git git-lfs.

If you are about to add a binary file, first check the contents of .gitattributes and see if there already is a pattern for the type of binary file you are adding. If there isn't one, add one. For example, to use Git LFS for all psd files, run git lfs track "*.psd".

Once this is done, continue using git as usual even for binary files (i.e. git add, git commit, git push, git fetch, etc.).

Dependency Management

This project uses Carthage for dependency management.

To set it up, first install Carthage: brew update && brew install carthage.

Then, run carthage bootstrap. This will result in dependencies being fetched and built. Continue using Xcode as you normally would (i.e., open the .xcodeproj file, no need for a workspace, etc.)

If you want to add a dependency, read the Carthage documentation.

Handy way to speed up carthage updates: carthage update --platform ios --no-use-binaries. --platform ios builds on iOS schemes, saving a bunch of time. The --no-use-binaries is to hopefully work around this major issue, which you should probably know about.


This project uses Swiftlint to ensure code style is maintained.

To set it up, brew update && brew install swiftlint. Swiftlint updates regularly, so ensure you run brew update && brew upgrade at least once every two weeks to get the latest swiftlint.

It is also recommended that you install SwiftLintXcode through Alcatraz. This plugin will autocorrect some errors generated by swiftlint on save. You can also trigger it manually on a file.

All PRs that get filed must pass swiftlint without any warnings or errors.


It is recommended that you set up Chisel when you work on this project.

Chisel is a set of lldb commands that make debugging iOS apps easier. To install, brew update && brew install chisel. Follow the instructions (you will have to copy some stuff into ~.lldbinit).

For more, see the Chisel Readme.


We will generally follow the Github Swift Style Guide. Exceptions will be noted below:

  • Use 4 spaces to indent, not tabs
  • Avoid "stringly typed code" whenever possible


This project uses R.swift to ensure strong type checking for resources (images, fonts, etc.). It is therefore expected that you always refer to resources using strongly typed references in R.swift, and not the usual Cocoa way.

For example:

Do not do: let settingsIcon = UIImage(named: "settings-icon"). Instead do: let settingsIcon = R.image.settingsIcon().

For more examples, see R.swift examples.



We use Sketch to create mockups. To enable people who do not have Sketch to see the results, we use a Sketch plugin called git-sketch-plugin to render pngs of all art boards. You should have it installed.

If you want to take a look at the latest renders, they are here.

If you want to create a change in in a Sketch file, the process to follow is:

  • Create a feature branch
  • Open the Sketch file
  • Make your changes
  • Plugins > Git > Generate files for pretty diffs
  • Commit
  • Push
  • Create PR
  • Make changes based on PR feedback
  • Plugins > Git > Generate files for pretty diffs
  • Commit --amend
  • Push (force)


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