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About OpenCPEs

OpenCPEs is a special Blockchain project from the CSA acting as a ledger for CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits and other professional development accreditation and claims.

OpenCPE is a command line utility for interacting with and hosting blockchains based on a simple Winternitz one-time signature (WOTS) scheme.

The current iteration of the OpenCPEs chain is hosted on Github.


Enter the OpenCPE folder and run:

swift build -c release

The build system will report where it places the resulting binary, which you are free to move elsewhere.

On macOS, depending on your system, you may need to install the homebrew version of libressl via brew install libressl. You may also have to sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/Xcode.app/ depending on which version of Xcode you are using.

MacPorts has been known to interfere with successful builds. A simple way to temporarily disable MacPorts is to rename the /opt/local directory (e.g. to /opt/lcl) and then name it back to /opt/local after building.

Simple Witnessing

You can use the OpenCPEs chain to witness attachments to e-mails sent to centsi@opencpes.com. Keep your original file. In the case of images sent via phone it may be better to CC yourself as phones often manipulate images before transmission.

To verify foo.dat after sending, git clone the latest OpenCPEs blockchain. Determine foo.dat's SHA512 sum:

HASH=`sha512sum --tag foo.dat | sed -e 's/.* //'`

git pull in the blockchain repo to syncronise it and then determine the top block:

TOP=`cat /path/to/opencpes-blockchain/chain/top.txt`

Verification is performed by finding the value in a "key series" starting with a "fundamental key". The current fundamental key is 319da1be59a03c7250f5fc4d8b4e78d3280d2d8605be0ac2f68b3d936301382dd09410b59a25dea58f3fd8c3de98cd21c14f32c79cfb29b9df211f50ecff27ed. Use it to verify your search:

/path/to/OpenCPE find -v "$HASH" -f "319da1be59a03c7250f5fc4d8b4e78d3280d2d8605be0ac2f68b3d936301382dd09410b59a25dea58f3fd8c3de98cd21c14f32c79cfb29b9df211f50ecff27ed" -t "$TOP"

This will search the chain for the $HASH value.

Next Steps

Check out the examples/demo directory to see how the e-mail based back-end was implemented.


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