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This program suppresses keyboard chattering on Mac, which occurs especially on a butterfly keyboard.
This is Swift implementation of debounce-mac.


$ git clone git@github.com:nobu-g/DebounceMac.git
$ cd DebounceMac
$ swift build -c release
$ .build/release/DebounceMac

Auto-start at login

$ cp .build/release/DebounceMac /usr/local/bin/debounce
$ cp com.debounceMac.app.plist ~/Library/LaunchAgents/
$ launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.debounceMac.app.plist
$ launchctl start com.debounceMac.app

For details, see README of debounce-mac.


You can easily custermize debounce delay configuration by editting JSON file.
Once you run this program, it creates config file ~/Library/DebounceMac/config.json.
By default, debounce delay(acceptable input interval) of all keys is set to 100ms and you can change this setting.

For example, example.json below means

  • debounce delay of all keys except "R" is set to 100ms
  • debounce delay of "R" is 120ms.
  • debounce delay of "Space" is 200ms only when "Option" key is down and "Shift" key is up.
        "key": "ALL",
        "delay": 100,
        "key": "R",
        "delay": 120,
        "key": "Space",
        "delay": 200,
        "condition": {
            "Option": true,
            "Shift": false,

For more about config file format, see Config/config.schema.json .

You can also specify the config file name by the command line argument.

$ .build/release/DebounceMac myconfig.json

If you use launchctl, you have to edit ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.debounceMac.app.plist and reload it.