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A Web Framework for Swift that works on iOS, macOS, and Ubuntu.

  • [x] Pure Swift
  • [x] Modular
  • [x] Beautifully expressive

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Vapor is the most used web framework for Swift. It provides a beautifully expressive and easy to use foundation for your next website or API.

This repository is the framework's source code. To view some sample projects, check out our list here.

🌏 Environment

|Vapor|Xcode|Swift| |:-:|:-:|:-:| |0.15.x|8.0 Beta 3|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-07-25-a| |0.14.x|8.0 Beta 2|3.0-PREVIEW-2| |0.13.x|8.0 Beta 1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-06-20-a| |0.12.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-06-06-a| |0.11.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-06-06-a| |0.10.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-05-31-a| |0.9.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-05-09-a| |0.8.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-05-03-a| |0.7.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-04-25-a| |0.6.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-04-12-a| |0.5.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-24-a| |0.4.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-24-a| |0.3.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-01-a| |0.3.x|7.3.1|DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-01-a|

You can run the following script to verify your environment is correct for the latest version.

curl -sL check.qutheory.io | bash

🦄 Deploy


📖 Documentation

Visit the Documentation for extensive information on getting setup, using, and deploying Vapor.

🚀 Contributing

All developers should feel welcome and encouraged to contribute to Vapor, see our getting started document here to get involved.

To contribute code, see our getting started guide for how to do so.

To contribute a feature or idea to Vapor, submit an issue and fill in the template. If the request is approved, you or one of the members of the community can start working on it.

If you find a bug, please submit a pull request with a failing test case displaying the bug or create an issue.

If you find a security vulnerability, please contact tanner@qutheory.io as soon as possible. We take these matters seriously.

💙 Code of Conduct

Our goal is to create a safe and empowering environment for anyone who decides to use or contribute to Vapor. Please help us make the community a better place by abiding to this Code of Conduct during your interactions surrounding this project.

⭐ Projects

Vapor has several projects that are live now in the cloud. Most are also open source, so check them out for great examples.

🏫 Tutorials

The awesome Vapor community is always adding new tutorials and articles out there, we do our best to keep a record of relevant tutorials here.

💡 Evolution

Contributing code isn't the only way to participate in Vapor. Taking a page out of the Swift team's playbook, we want you to participate in the evolution of the Vapor framework. File a GitHub issue on this repository to start a discussion or suggest an awesome idea.

💧 Community

We pride ourselves on providing a diverse and welcoming community. Join your fellow Vapor developers in our slack and take part in the conversation.

🔧 Compatibility

Vapor has been tested on OS X 10.11, Ubuntu 14.04, and Ubuntu 15.10.

Our homepage http://qutheory.io is currently running using Vapor on DigitalOcean.

⚠️ State of Vapor

Vapor is in a generally stable state with several projects currently active and hosted in the cloud. With that said, we are still considered under development at least until the official Swift 3 release, and future API changes should be anticipated.


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👥 Authors

Made by Tanner Nelson, Logan Wright, and the hundreds of members of the Qutheory community.


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