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Evaluation demo for using Isomorphic swift model structs on the server and the client.

###Building and Running

  1. Clone this repo git@github.com:mschmulen/yachtsApp.git
  2. Install carthage dependencies cd Yachts/Vendor; carthage install
  3. Open and build the xCode project open Yachts/Yachts.xcodeproj , then build and run with ⌘ + r

Currently the application is expecting the companion server to be running on localhost


  1. When Share code is updated git@github.com:mschmulen/yachtsShare.git bump the version github "mschmulen/yachtsShare" == 0.0.5 in the Yachts/Vendor/Cartfile and update the dependencies

  2. Update carthage deps with carthage update --no-build from the yachtsApp/Yachts/Vendor folder


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