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Build IOS

#Clone source:

$ git clone git@gitlab.ftech.ai:f-call/frontend/fcall-ios.git

$ cd (git checkout folder)./fcall-ios

#Installing the pod dependencies:

$ rm -rf Podfile.lock && pod install

#After that, open F-Call.xcworkspace in Xcode and run the F-Call target. #Update URL vs base server for release:

#Config for Push Notifications please see: https://rocket.chat/docs/administrator-guides/notifications/push-notifications/ (used: Self Configured)

For VPN config

#the VPN to work properly, the app requires:

#App Groups and Keychain Sharing capabilities #App IDs with Packet Tunnel entitlements both in the main app and the tunnel extension target.

  • XCode -> Open Workspace: (git checkout folder)./F-VPN/Client-IOS/F-VPN.xcworkspace

  • Update URL vs base server for release: F-VPN/Client-IOS/F-VPN-iOS/Scenes/Authentication/APIManager.swift public static var BASE_URL: String = "https://server" public static var BASE_HOST: String = "https://server domain"

  • Update serverTrustPolicies list: /F-VPN/Client-IOS/F-VPN-iOS/Support/ByPassCer.swift let serverTrustPolicies: [String: ServerTrustPolicy] = [ "server list": .disableEvaluation, "server list": .disableEvaluation, ]

  • Update serverTrustPolicies in SessionManager: F-VPN/Client-IOS/F-VPN-iOS/Support/Constants.swift serverTrustPolicies


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