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SSDB driver for Swift

This is experimental package for communication with SSDB database. This version currently supports just some basic commands: auth, info, get, set, del, hset, hget, hdel and incr.

Example usage:

import SSDB

let db = SSDB(
    host: "",
    port: 8888,
    password: "passwd" // optional, no need to auth explicitly

try db.set(key: "foo", value: "bar".data(using: .utf8)!)
if let result: Data = try db.get(key: "foo") {
    print(String(data: result, encoding: .utf8))

Don't forget to do/catch errors pls :) Using exclamation points is really bad practice.


Q: Why Data as value type? Why not String?

A: Mainly because in SSDB all strings are binary safe. But secondly it's because I use SSDB to store binary data packed with MessagePack.

Q: Why then keys are not Data?

A: Now that is really exotic IMO :) No need, to be honest. Maybe once.

Q: What about the rest of commands?

A: One day, sure. For now I don't need anything else. But in case you really want to use unimplemented command, you may always call SSDB.send(command: Data) throws -> SSDB.Response method with help of SSDB.Command.compile(blocks: [String]) -> Data and manually handle the response.


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