Swiftpack.co - Package - jtrespalacios/template

Vapor Template

This template serves as a starting point for a Vapor 3 project. You can start a new project by running:

vapor new ProjectName --template=jtrespalacios/template

Docker Environment (Optional)

Install Docker Install VirtualBox

Setup Docker Machine (Optional for Docker)

Using Docker Machine can be useful if you have various environments to work with, this is an optional step in the process. The docker-machine command should have been installed with Docker. To create a new Docker Host run the following command.

docker-machine create --driver virtualbox default

This will create a new Docker Host named default using VirtualBox. This command may take sometime to complete. Once it has completed you will need to run eval $(docker-machine env default) to load the machines configuration.

Build and Launch the application

Now that your host is ready its time to build the application environment. This is done by running the command docker-compose build. This will fetch the containers and prepare them for use. Finally run docker-compose up to launch the environment. As currently configure the application is not built and launched when the docker envioronment is brought up.

If you have setup a Docker Machine then you will need to first attach to the host by running docker-machine ssh, you will now at a shell inside of the docker host.

From here run docker ps. The list of containers currently running on the host (either the docker-machine or your machine) will be listed. Look for a container an image named api:dev and a name ending in _api_1, this will be the container to connect to. To do so run docker attach CONTAINER_NAME_HERE.

Now you will need to build and run the application and it will be available from your host through the docker-machine vm. First run swift build. Once this has completed and the application has been complied run swift run Run --hostname The hostname is important as this is the address that is exposed to the dockerhost. If the hostname parameter is ommited the application gets bound to localhost and is only able to accept requests from the container itself.

Developing the application

Server Application

Having the docker environment setup on your localhost is useful and lets you see a replica of the applicationas deployed it is easier to use xcode and run directly on your machine. To do so you will need to install redis and mysql on your local host and create the necessary database in MySql for the application to use.

To generate an xcode project run vapor xcode in termal inside of your working directory. Once this has completed you will be able to use XCode to run the application and debug as you would a Mac or iOS application. To run the application make sure you have selected the Run target.