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Web Template

MIT License Swift 3.1

Warning: Project is still in Alpha

Invigilator is a Swift CMS platform build using the Vapor Framework. It uses the Fluent driver, so it can support multiple database drivers. It also uses LeafMarkdown allowing you to write in Markdown.


This is some of the features in Invigilator:

  • Create pages using Markdown
  • Save pages as Draft until you are ready to go public with them
  • User system, allowing to create multiple users
  • Slug URLs for SEO
  • Manual write SEO meta tags (title, keywords and description)
  • Blogging system, write your blog posts with markdown (Coming soon)
  • Easy to style with your own theme
  • Setup menus including submenu, and drag'n'drop for order (Coming soon)

For more, see our Demo or our Website


Just do the following

git clone git@github.com:invigilator/invigilator.git
vapor build
vapor run serve

You can then visit the page at You can login to the admin panel on: First time you visit this page, it will show you the admin credentials in a small flash.

Deploy to Vapor Cloud

Coming soon...


  • Easy plugin integration
  • Custom page tags
  • Improved documentation
  • Test and CI