Swiftpack.co - Package - hmorales27/jenkinsTest


  • ./ - Project Root Folder


  • Xcode 7.3.1
  • Swift 2.2
  • Fastlane 1.95
  • Cocoapods
  • brew install imagemagick
  • gem install rmagick
  • Homebrew

Build Script

Create the build using fastlane fastlane ios enterprise from ./.

fastlane ios enterprise

Setup (for now)

  • Bundle Identifier: com.elsevier.jbsm.swift.CELLPRESS
  • Team: Elsevier, Inc.
  • Provisioning Profile: JBSM Swift Wildcard
  • You will need to update the AppFile which can be found at ./fastlane/Appfile
  • Change the values for ENV["PRODUCT_NAME"], ENV["APP_SHORT_CODE"], and ENV["BASE_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER"] to the appropriate values
  • AppShortCode needs to be changed in info.plist from within Xcode. There currently is no command line way to do this.


  • This will only create one build.
  • The build will be an Enterprise Build.
  • The Wildcard Provisioning Profile used can be found in ./Profiles/
  • Cert: iPhone Distribution: Elsevier, Inc. (expiration March 21, 2019)


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