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This project is for my own personal website for hosting projects, using as a sandbox, as a blog, or whatever purpouse I can find. Mainly, to learn.

Scaffolded Swift Kitura server application


Table of Contents


This scaffolded application provides a starting point for creating Swift applications running on Kitura.


Project contents

This application has been generated with the following capabilities and services:

Embedded metrics dashboard

This application uses the SwiftMetrics package to gather application and system metrics.

These metrics can be viewed in an embedded dashboard on /swiftmetrics-dash. The dashboard displays various system and application metrics, including CPU, memory usage, HTTP response metrics and more.


Your application configuration information is stored in the config.json in the project root directory. This file is in the .gitignore to prevent sensitive information from being stored in git.

The connection information for any configured services, such as username, password and hostname, is stored in this file.

The application uses the CloudConfiguration package to read the connection and configuration information from the environment and this file.


To build and run the application:

  1. swift build
  2. .build/debug/website

NOTE: On macOS you will need to add options to the swift build command: swift build -Xlinker -lc++


This project was generated with generator-swiftserver v4.2.0.