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MacOS script built from a Swift Package used inside an iOS project

This repo is test to try to resolve a compile error while trying to run a script built from a Swift Package inside an iOS Xcode project.

The script is built an run from a Run Script phase:

cd Script/
swift run

The script is, and should be, targeting MacOSX. However, when build during the iOS project build, an error is produced: Unsupported architecture, followed by multiple name '__int64_t'...

When targetting the iOS Simulator, there is only a warning: using sysroot for 'iPhoneOS' but targeting 'MacOSX' [-Wincompatible-sysroot].

These errors/warnings happen in the Yams dependency. I don't know if it is something that can be fixed inside this lib, or do I have to pass some compile directives to the swift run instruction.

How to test

Simply open the Xcode project, chose the target and build. Be sure to delete the Script/.debug folder between each attempt.

To build for iphoneos, you'll probably need to change the bundle identifier and set your team.


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