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A library for analyzing Dart packages.

  • Validates the code using Dart Analyzer.
  • Checks code formatting.
  • Checks for outdated dependencies.
  • Infers supported platforms: Flutter, web, and/or server.

Used by the Dart Package site.

Use as an executable


> pub global activate pana


You can specify either a package (+ version) or a local directory to analyze:

Usage: pana [<options>] <published package name> [<version>]
       pana [<options>] --source path <local directory>

      --flutter-sdk     The directory of the Flutter SDK.
  -j, --json            Output log items as JSON.
  -s, --source          The source where the package is located (hosted on https://pub.dartlang.org, or local directory path).
                        [hosted (default), path]
      --hosted-url      The server that hosts <package>.
                        (defaults to "https://pub.dartlang.org")
      --verbosity       Configure the details in the output.
                        [compact, normal (default), verbose]
      --[no-]warning    Shows the warning message before potentially destructive operation.
                        (defaults to on)


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