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Generates a SQLite store from Oracc CDL ZIP archives


This command line utility generates a SQLite cache file from Oracc JSON files for use in macOS/iOS apps. It converts a CDL file into a Swift object, then records string representations of that object, together with catalogue data, into a SQLite row.


  • Fast retrieval of cuneiform, transliteration, normalisation and translations of text editions, eliminating JSON decoding overhead
  • Slightly more efficient disk space usage than JSON ZIP archives


  • Lossy encoding: the stored strings are just flat representations and lack the richness of the CDL objects
  • Translations are scraped at runtime, requiring a connection to oracc.org, which is inherently fragile


Oracc XML standards are available on the Oracc website although many of them are inaccessible at the moment, so they can alternatively be found directly in the Oracc Github repository.

Oracc JSON specifications are available on the Oracc website.


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