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betterPT iOS Reference Architecture

This project outlines and provides examples of betterPT's iOS architecture.


The Test Version of the Folios API has the following simple routes:

Base URL: https://59dc37f8c86a4f00124c57bf.mockapi.io


  1. /auth

you just enter a username and password - it doesn’t actually authenticate you

	username: "jimbo",
	password: "jimmy"
  1. /folios or /folios/{id} you can GET POST PUT DELETE
	title: string
	url: string
	hasRead: boolean 


  • Try to do EVERYTHING in Rx. Button taps, navigation, textfield entry, search, views, data sources. Definitely use RxDatasources, try to use Action and/or RxFeedback.

  • The app should have the following features: * login * Display folios in tableview * Search folios in tableview * Add a new folio * Modify / delete an existing folio

  • This app does not have to be fancy whatsoever.

  • Add comments explaining what you did / were trying to do

NOTE: Let's try and make this a very strong refereence architecture. We can expand on it as time goes on.


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