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Perfect Empty Starter Project

This repository holds a blank Perfect project which can be cloned to serve as a starter for new work. It builds with Swift Package Manager and produces a stand-alone HTTP executable.

###Compatibility with Swift

**The master branch of this project currently compiles with the September 5th Swift toolchain snapshot. **

Current version: DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-09-05-a

We focus exclusively on the latest and most stable version of Swift to maximize developers’ productivity. Until the release of Swift 3.0 (expected in September 2016), please treat this version of Perfect for R&D purposes only.


We are transitioning to using JIRA for all bugs and support related issues, therefore the GitHub issues has been disabled.

If you find a mistake, bug, or any other helpful suggestion you'd like to make on the docs please head over to http://jira.perfect.org:8080/servicedesk/customer/portal/1 and raise it.

A comprehensive list of open issues can be found at http://jira.perfect.org:8080/projects/ISS/issues

Building & Running

The following will clone and build an empty starter project and launch the server on port 8181.

git clone https://github.com/PerfectlySoft/PerfectTemplate.git
cd PerfectTemplate
swift build

You should see the following output:

Starting HTTP server on with document root ./webroot

This means the server is running and waiting for connections. Access http://localhost:8181/ to see the greeting. Hit control-c to terminate the server.

Starter Content

The template file contains a very simple "hello, world!" example.

import PerfectLib
import PerfectHTTP
import PerfectHTTPServer

// Create HTTP server.
let server = HTTPServer()

// Register your own routes and handlers
var routes = Routes()
routes.add(method: .get, uri: "/", handler: {
		request, response in
		response.appendBody(string: "<html><title>Hello, world!</title><body>Hello, world!</body></html>")

// Add the routes to the server.

// Set a listen port of 8181
server.serverPort = 8181

// Set a document root.
// This is optional. If you do not want to serve static content then do not set this.
// Setting the document root will automatically add a static file handler for the route /**
server.documentRoot = "./webroot"

// Gather command line options and further configure the server.
// Run the server with --help to see the list of supported arguments.
// Command line arguments will supplant any of the values set above.

do {
	// Launch the HTTP server.
	try server.start()
} catch PerfectError.networkError(let err, let msg) {
	print("Network error thrown: \(err) \(msg)")

Further Information

For more information on the Perfect project, please visit perfect.org.