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iOS Project Template 📱

Deprecated! Please use our new template: https://github.com/allaboutapps/ios-starter


  1. Open Xcode -> Create a new Xcode Project
    • Name: <MyExampleProject>
    • Choose the "Single View Template"
      • ✔ Include Unit Tests
      • ✔ Include UI Tests
    • Navigate into the <my-example-project> folder
    • Click Create
    • Close Xcode
  2. In your project root directory, create a folder structure that matches the folders in the Example folder and copy the Example/Code folder to your project. It contains some helpers to get you started.
  3. Move all existing project files into their respective folder (i.e. Info.plist into SupportingFiles and ViewController.swift into ViewControllers)

Bend Xcode to your will

  1. Open the <MyExampleProject>.xcodeproj file
  2. Remove all red entries under <MyExampleProject>
  3. Drag all directories under <MyExampleProject> from Finder to Xcode under
    • [✔] Copy Items if needed
    • [✔] Create groups
  4. Remove references to .gitkeep Files (in Xcode) in every sub-directory of <MyExampleProject> that already contains a file
  5. Naviagte to the <MyExampleProject> Target and click "Choose Info.plist File..." (at the top)
    • Choose <MyExampleProject>/SuportingFiles/Info.plist
  6. In the App Icons section click "Use Asset Catalog" for App Icons Source
    • Use Assets Catalog
    • Don't migrate Launch Image
  7. Choose AppIcon instead of AppIcon-2 from drop down
  8. Navigate to Assets Catalog and remove AppIcon-2 (Xcode... 😫)

Further setup

  • Run carthage update --platform ios to install/update all needed dependencies
  • Run make gitinit to setup a new git repo in the project root folder (WARNING: removes any existing git repo in the project root folder)
  • Update the .swiftlint.yml file to include the project root folder
  • Fill the README
  • Delete this TODO section. (And enjoy your fresh and clean Project-setup 🙌)

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