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How to run

Build and run container:

docker build . -t test_tarantool && docker run --rm -it test_tarantool

To try code with failure on module loading:

tarantool /usr/local/share/tarantool/tarantool_fail.lua

To try code with ok on module loading:

tarantool /usr/local/share/tarantool/tarantool_ok.lua

After tarantool launches copy-paste code from test.lua (since we can't still call native methods from console).

The only difference is these rows:

local swift_module_name = 'libtest_loading_library'

package.cpath = '/usr/local/lib/tarantool/'..swift_module_name..'.so;'..package.cpath

If we change this line to require('test_loading_library') then tarantool_ok will still work, but tarantool_fail will fail to even load the module.


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