Swiftpack.co - Package - advancedtelematic/OtaDeployState


Checks the state of Auth Plus and Vault and configures them if needed.

Env vars

  • AUTH_PLUS_URL: "http://ota-auth-plus"
  • VAULT_CONFIG_PATH: "/tmp/vault.json"
  • AUTH_PLUS_CONFIG_PATH: "/tmp/clients.json"
  • POLL_TIME: 600, how often the ota state is checked


For RBAC if you specify resourceNames you can't add create as a verb. So the choice is give this access to all secrets, or create the secrets before running. The deploy/generic-secrets.yaml file creates the needed secrets, which are updated in the state machine.


This code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0, a copy of which can be found in this repository. All code is copyright 2018 HERE Europe B.V.


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