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Example project for coding test. Description provided by interviewer:

Screen 1: The main screen consists of 2 different views (tabs or something else). The first tab contains a list of tasks that need to be processed (Pending Tasks). All tasks can be executed simultaneously. The list should be "swipe enabled" where left swipe postpones the task for 1 min and the right swipe starts the task immediately. The second tab shows all completed tasks with time how long it took for completion. Swiping each of the rows in the second tab puts the task for execution again.

Screen 2: Task definition screen, which contains a "Name" input field, "Description" input field and a file upload field where the user can choose a file from his device. Also, this screen contains "keyword" input field and a "+" button for dynamically adding more "keyword" fields. The task actually counts how many of each keyword is contained in the file. At the end, the task should upload 2 files on a remote file host location (ex. Dropbox), the first one the original file and the second one of all keywords along with the occurences count. As a bonus, task can have option (checkbox) which if checked is removing all keywords from the original file. This screen contains buttons "Save" and "Cancel". Pressing the "Save" button puts the task in the queue for execution and closes the screen.


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