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This application is a suite of HTTP unit tests to validate the structure and behaviour of the Vapor Notes API.

It was created as part of the Vapor workshop in Swift Alps 2017.

A possible implementation of the API is available in the VaporNotes project.


This project is a standard Swift 4 package. It has a Makefile to simplify some tasks:

  • make will build the application and the documentation.
  • make build will build the application, downloading the dependencies if required.
  • make doc will create the documentation using Jazzy.
  • make xcode will create an Xcode project.
  • make run will run the debug version of the application against http://localhost

You can run the project against any other URL: .build/debug/Validator http://server.somewhere.com


The Vapor Notes API has the following characteristics:

  • The API receive a "ping" to verify that the network connection is working.
  • Anyone can create a new user in the system.
  • Logged-in users can create notes.
  • Notes are identified using UUIDs, like C26A187A-64C7-41A6-A367-ADCC1F5A6F19; this would allow offline systems such as disconnected mobile applications or other devices to create notes independently of the server.
  • Notes contain Markdown text.
  • Users can get all of their notes.
  • Users can get one single note.
  • Users can edit a single note.
  • Users can delete a single note.
  • Users can delete all notes at once.
  • Users can publish a note; this gives the note a small random "slug" of text, similar to xyz123 and this slug can be used to access the note publicly, as HTML text converted from the Markdown source.
  • Users can unpublish one of their notes at any time.
  • Users can request a backup of their notes in ZIP format. The ZIP file contains a file per note, whose filename is the UUID of the note with the .txt extension. Each file contains the Markdown source of the note.
  • Users can search their notes for the occurrence of a string.


This script depends on the following libraries:


The slides of the presentation of the project are in Gitpitch.


To generate the documentation of this project, you need the following things:

Sample curl Requests

Some sample curl requests to interact with the API, using jq to format the output nicely:


curl http://localhost/ping --request GET

Login and save authorization token in pasteboard, for future requests:

curl http://localhost/api/v1/login --silent --user "vapor@theswiftalps.com:swiftalps" --request POST | jq -r .token | pbcopy

Create note:

curl http://localhost/api/v1/notes --silent --request POST --header "Authorization: Bearer SNjmXWikniZZLaed8jDG5A==" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data @Fixtures/request_create_note.json | jq

List of notes:

curl http://localhost/api/v1/notes --silent --request GET --header "Authorization: Bearer SNjmXWikniZZLaed8jDG5A==" | jq

Search for notes:

curl http://localhost/api/v1/notes/search --silent --request POST --header "Authorization: Bearer FPG1Llqfl5Ju200ZDPb/ig==" --data @Fixtures/request_search.json --header "Content-Type: application/json" | jq


Click on the link below to see a sample run of the validator on a working copy of the API:



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