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A tool to keep you updated with concerts from artists you regularly listen to.

How to Use

  • Clone the package locally
  • Via the CLI, run the following commands:
    • swift package update
    • swift package -Xlinker -L/usr/local/lib generate-xcodeproj
  • Make the following changes to this file:
    • Add your username
    • Add the cities you'd like to track concerts for
    • Add the countries you'd like to track concerts for
    • Add "filter" countries you'd like to use to make sure cities are in the right country (i.e. a value of UK would then filter out cities from other countries with the same name - Birmingham, USA vs Birmingham, UK)
    • Add your listening thresholds (for each time period, the number indicates the minimum required listens to track the artist)
  • You also need to add your mail server details in this file:
    • You can add an application password for gmail accounts here
    • Then just add the email address for the account you want to use
  • Update the locations for the config files you're using here
  • Run swift build
  • You should be able to find the executable in ConcertFinder/.build/debug/ConcertFinder
  • Setup a cron job to run this whenever you like
  • Done!


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