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Reporting an Issue

Github Issues are used to track todos, bugs, feature requests, and more.

Also check the community on open.rocket.chat. We'd like to help.

How to report an Issue

If you found a bug, please include the current version number (Sidebar > Dropdown > My Account). Please also mention the device. Some features only work with newer versions of Rocket.Chat servers, you can get the current version number (even if you're not admin) via https://chat.server/api/info.

Please include as much information as you can provide. E.g. try to write down steps to reproduce the bug so we can investigate. If you would like to help, see how to contribute.

Is your bug critical regarding security? Read here

The app can't connect to your server?

Make sure your server supports WebSocket as well as SSL. Apache supports WebSockets from 2.4 on, Nginx with 1.3 or greater.


Are you an iOS developer and would like to help? Found a bug that you would like to report or a missing feature that you would like to request? Great! We have written down a Contribution guide so you can start easily.





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v2.2.0 - Apr 16, 2018

📄 Release notes

- SHARE EXTENSION!!! Now you can share URLs, texts, images and videos to Rocket.Chat from other applications;
- NOTIFICATIONS IN-THE-APP; While in a conversation, receive updates from other conversations;
- Added support to Universal Links (go.rocket.chat);
- Now you can see only the mentions in a channel;
- Now the app is using a custom User-Agent on every request;
- Implement optimistic UI on reacting to a message;
- Listen to updated avatar images; Use caching over the HTTP protocol;
- Migrate React call from WebSocket to REST;
- Migrate Emojis call from WebSocket to REST;
- Migrate Settings call from WebSocket to REST;
- Support "Message_GroupingPeriod" setting;
- Support "Message_AllowPinning" setting;
- Support "Message_MaxAllowedSize" setting;
- Support placeholder settings on auth fields;
- Fixed a bug on updating user's profile;
- Fixed a bug on subdirectory support;
- Fixed a bug with invalid sessions;
- Fixed a bug on not opening the correctly room on notification tap;
- Fixed a very crash with our markdown parser;

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❤️

  • @cardoso
  • @filipealva
  • @jpowie01
  • @rafaelks
  • @Sameesunkaria

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] Add support to "Message_MaxAllowedSize" setting (#1511)
  • [x] [NEW] Implement setting "Message_GroupingPeriod" on grouping messages (#1492)
  • [x] [NEW] Add support to Universal Links (go.rocket.chat) (#1532)
  • [x] [NEW] Allow user to see just the mentions of some channel (#1480)
  • [x] [NEW] Implement Share Extension (#1379)
  • [x] [NEW] In-app notifications (#1504)
  • [x] [NEW] Support pinning permissions & settings (#1460)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Make reaction changes locally before receiving remote changes (#1495)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Migrate "Public Settings" from RealTime to REST (#1476)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Migrate reaction request to REST API (#1447)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Migrate spotlight call to REST API (#1452)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Reduce number of calls on /typing (#1512)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Remove Google SignIn SDK (use our OAuth implementation) (#1508)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Set a custom User-Agent to the mobile app (#1496)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Use caching on over HTTP instead of only disk/memory for avatars (#1494)
  • [x] [CHORE] Avoid to request UpdateUser when there's nothing to update (#1498)
  • [x] [CHORE] Organize all projects files based on Xcode structure (#1489)
  • [x] [CHORE] Project migrated to Swift 4.1 (#1467)
  • [x] [CHORE] Reduce warnings (#1438)
  • [x] [CHORE] Remove + from the name, increment version & fix Instabug for Release builds (#1540)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update CocoaPods to 1.5.0 & a few of the Pods (#1491)
  • [x] [FIX] Build URL that may use subdirectory (#1470)
  • [x] [FIX] Edit Profile stuck when saving without changes (#1526)
  • [x] [FIX] False positives on invalid session (#1539)
  • [x] [FIX] Not opening corresponding room after pressing notification (#1531)
  • [x] [FIX] Rare crash when parsing markdown links (#1530)
  • [x] [FIX] Random Invalid Session after upgrading sometimes (#1503)
  • [x] [HOTFIX] Crash when sharing large files with share extension (#1502)
  • [x] [DOCS] CONTRIBUTING.md updated to say Swift 4.1 (#1510)

v2.1.1 - Apr 2, 2018

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❤️

  • @Sameesunkaria
  • @cardoso
  • @filipealva
  • @rafaelks

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [FIX] Addresses prolonged freezes in some chat rooms (#1464)
  • [x] [FIX] Not persisting server version (#1459)
  • [x] [FIX] Crash when alternating servers (#1463)
  • [x] [FIX] Persist user e-mail to realm (#1458)

v2.1.0 - Mar 29, 2018

📄 Release notes

Now you can draw anything, with different colors, using your finger or a pencil and send it to your colleagues. This is a super useful feature and was developed by our contributor @artzmz!

You can now edit your profile by going to "Settings -> Profile" inside of the app.

You can now choose the browser you want to open the links inside of Rocket.Chat: Safari, In-App browser, Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Just go to "Settings -> Browser" and change it;

This update has a huge performance improvement, thanks @Sameesunkaria!

We now support Greek (thanks @kmav) and Spanish (thanks @bizzbyster).

- Fixed the preview of videos that sometimes weren't being rendered;
- When the app reconnects, now it keeps the scrolling position;
- Allow user to send offline messages and let user try again once there's connection available;
- Added support to multiple attachments in a message;
- Authentication with GitLab;
- User can how choose the language just for the app, by going to "Settings -> Language";
- Show "unread" markup in the list of messages;
- Added support to named colors, remove new lines on title from bots;
- Added support to subpath URLs when connecting a new server;
- Update order of items in "Preferences" & title in menu;
- Make users searching in create new room (inviting user) case and diacritic insensitive;
- Improved French translation;
- Improved Polish translation;

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❤️

  • @Sameesunkaria
  • @avignat
  • @kmav
  • @soundstorm
  • @jpowie01
  • @artrmz
  • @dennispost
  • @Hrayr2112
  • @bizzbyster
  • @cardoso
  • @filipealva
  • @rafaelks

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] Add "new messages" separator between old and new messages (#1329)
  • [x] [NEW] Add authViewController localization (#1373)
  • [x] [NEW] Add option to draw something and send (#1250)
  • [x] [NEW] Add support for attachment fields + some visual improvements (#1352)
  • [x] [NEW] Add support to named colors, remove new lines on title from bots (#1332)
  • [x] [NEW] Add the possibility to set default browser (#1411)
  • [x] [NEW] Allow changing app language inside application settings (#1357)
  • [x] [NEW] Interactive keyboard dismissal added to ChatViewController (#1377)
  • [x] [NEW] Let user update name, username, email, password and avatar (#1368)
  • [x] [NEW] Support for offline messages (#1270)
  • [x] [NEW] Support GitLab OAuth (#1218)
  • [x] [NEW] Support "Edit Profile" settings (#1439)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Add a better support to fullpath URL attachments (#1401)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Don't display emojis inside code blocks (#1303)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Improved the scrolling performance of the emoji picker (#1417)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Improvements on the App Icon selection (#1384)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Interactive keyboard dismissal improved (#1382)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Make users searching in create new room (inviting user) case and diacritic insensitive (#1343)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Navigate to the chat when tapping on already selected room (#1360)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Scroll performance improvement (#1390)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Update order of items in "Preferences" & title in menu (#1325)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] When app reconnects, it should keep the scrolling position (#1369)
  • [x] [CHORE] Optimize project to build faster in debug mode (#1299)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update most of our Pods (#1321)
  • [x] [CHORE] Use BODY & change detail color into settings labels (#1418)
  • [x] [FIX] App does not render preview picture for videos directly (#1402)
  • [x] [FIX] Call super on viewDidLoad to load all tintColor settings (#1323)
  • [x] [FIX] Channels searching case insensitive (#1348)
  • [x] [FIX] Enable support for Rocket hosted on subdirectory (#1277)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed the weird scrolling behavior and layout issues on chat rooms that one hasn't joined (#1377)
  • [x] [FIX] FLEX cell in Preferences wasn't being selected (#1420)
  • [x] [FIX] Invalid url path building (#1415)
  • [x] [FIX] Make some adjustments on the connect screen & improve pt-BR translation (#1412)
  • [x] [FIX] Remove description indicator (#1334)
  • [x] [FIX] Terms of service and Privacy policy button spacing fixed (#1406)
  • [x] [FIX] Typo on mimetype information when uploading a file (#1389)
  • [x] [HOTFIX] Avoid duplicating unread separator when reconnecting (#1362)
  • [x] [HOTFIX] Disable collapse and fix height of file attachment view (#1366)
  • [x] [HOTFIX] Escape regex characters in emoji shortnames before parsing (#1365)
  • [x] [I18N] Add Greek Localization (#1356)
  • [x] [I18N] Add Spanish language (#1361)
  • [x] [I18N] Greek language support updated for new strings (#1364)
  • [x] [I18N] Improve French translation (#1336)
  • [x] [I18N] Spanish strings (#1374)
  • [x] [I18N] Translate missing polish strings (#1395)
  • [x] [I18N] Update greek localization for new text (#1372)
  • [x] [I18N] Update VoiceOver.strings spanish (#1376)
  • [x] [TESTS] Add more tests to Profile feature (#1416)
  • [x] [TESTS] Add SubscriptionExtensionsSpec (#1324)

v2.0.2 - Feb 22, 2018

📄 Release notes

- Fixed an issue that was happening eventually when creating a new account;
- Fixed a crash when there are some invalid chars together with emojis inline in a message;
- Removed the possibility of blocking yourself (lol);
- Improved search to not be case sensitive;

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Search (channels, users) is case sensitive (#1265)
  • [x] [FIX] Not moving from register screen after successful registration (#1284)
  • [x] [FIX] User can block himself (#1278)

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

  • @janrudolph
  • @cardoso
  • @rafaelks

v2.0.1 - Feb 20, 2018

📄 Release notes

- Fixed a crash when there are some invalid chars together with emojis inline in a message;
- Fixed the return key being pressed in a external keyboard when editing a message;
- Fixed the user being able to block himself;

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [FIX] Crashing with certain messages with custom emojis (#1293)
  • [x] [FIX] Return key sending new message when editing (#1292)
  • [x] [FIX] User can block himself (#1281)

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

  • @cardoso
  • @tjnet
  • @rafaelks