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About Rocket.Chat

Beta Access (TestFlight)

You can signup to our TestFlight builds by acessing this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/3gcYeoMr.

For discussion and feedback on the latest TestFlight build, please access the #ios-beta channel on our community server.

Reporting an Issue

Github Issues are used to track todos, bugs, feature requests, and more.

Also check the community on open.rocket.chat. We'd like to help.

How to report an Issue

If you found a bug, please include the current version number (Sidebar > Dropdown > My Account). Please also mention the device. Some features only work with newer versions of Rocket.Chat servers, you can get the current version number (even if you're not admin) via https://chat.server/api/info.

Please include as much information as you can provide. E.g. try to write down steps to reproduce the bug so we can investigate. If you would like to help, see how to contribute.

Is your bug critical regarding security? Read here

The app can't connect to your server?

Make sure your server supports WebSocket as well as SSL. Apache supports WebSockets from 2.4 on, Nginx with 1.3 or greater.


Are you an iOS developer and would like to help? Found a bug that you would like to report or a missing feature that you would like to request? Great! We have written down a Contribution guide so you can start easily.

Themes ☀️🌙

Choose from 3 new themes to take you from day to night.



We have developed an exclusive experience for iPad users: you can now multitask by using Rocket.Chat at the same time as other apps.






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v3.2.0 - Dec 17, 2018

📄 Release notes

- Italian language support;
- All message components were rewritten, with a much better UI and reading experience;
- Dynamic Type support on the messages list;
- Lots of performance improvements on the messages list;
- Many bug fixes;

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❤️

  • @cardoso
  • @cmassi
  • @filipealva
  • @GabrielaBezerra
  • @rafaelks
  • @Sameesunkaria

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] Add back reactions handler, fix missing delegate reference and more (#2317)
  • [x] [NEW] Add border to all new components attachments/boxes (#2387)
  • [x] [NEW] Add purpose label to quote component (#2330)
  • [x] [NEW] Add sharing & reviewing to preferences (#2350)
  • [x] [NEW] Add support to "Loader Cell" on the top of the list (#2310)
  • [x] [NEW] Add support to "Unread Marker" on the list of messages (#2262)
  • [x] [NEW] Add support to Headers & Loaders to the View Model & much more tests (#2263)
  • [x] [NEW] Add support to play a video from the cell (#2340)
  • [x] [NEW] Attachments supporting message headers (#2254)
  • [x] [NEW] Audio component new layout (#2218)
  • [x] [NEW] Audio message with message headers (#2250)
  • [x] [NEW] Broadcast reply/Message actions (#2260)
  • [x] [NEW] Components interspacing (#2269)
  • [x] [NEW] Components theming and ui adjustments (#2266)
  • [x] [NEW] File attachment (#2225)
  • [x] [NEW] Header of conversations (#2357)
  • [x] [NEW] Image component (#2228)
  • [x] [NEW] Quote message headers (#2255)
  • [x] [NEW] Quote/Reply attachment (#2236)
  • [x] [NEW] Reactions new component (#2220)
  • [x] [NEW] Read receipt (#2259)
  • [x] [NEW] Remove SlackTextViewController (#2195)
  • [x] [NEW] Rewrite data controller to messages view model of MessagesViewController (#2212)
  • [x] [NEW] Support all kind of System Messages (#2303)
  • [x] [NEW] Support autocompletion in new composer (#2224)
  • [x] [NEW] Support editing messages in new composer (#2235)
  • [x] [NEW] Support newline in composer & soft return on external keyboards (#2371)
  • [x] [NEW] Support replying in new composer (#2234)
  • [x] [NEW] Support sending messages with new composer (#2223)
  • [x] [NEW] Support themes in new composer & minor fixes (#2226)
  • [x] [NEW] Support uploading in new composer (#2233)
  • [x] [NEW] Text Attachment (#2227)
  • [x] [NEW] Typing status on the new title view (#2314)
  • [x] [NEW] URL Attachment (#2238)
  • [x] [NEW] Video component new layout (#2219)
  • [x] [NEW] Video message header (#2251)
  • [x] [NEW][RCVC] Reintroduce all shortcuts & message searching (#2300)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Basic message structure (#2204)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Cell sizing (#2244)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Change from fixed constraints to relative ones (#2342)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Chat theming performance (#2258)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] DataController fetching partial database messages and code improvements (#2253)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Enabled clearButton on the email TextField at ForgotPassword (#2231)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Fixes & support to Dynamic Type on all auth flow (#2349)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Invalidate collection view layout on screen rotation (#2245)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Minor improvements to theming on RCVC (#2268)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Minor layout improvements and performance improvements (#2271)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Move data processing to the background, organize better the file and fixed many bugs related to the data control (#2256)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Performance improvements on the list and a pack with other improvements (#2291)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Performance improvements, code simplification & prefetch one more page from database (#2279)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Quoted Attachment improvements (#2390)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Reflect data changes on dataSorted and dataNormalized (#2270)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Replace strongSelf with self (#2206)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Transform all relationships with Message unmanaged by Realm (#2247
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT][PERFORMANCE] Optimize size calculation performance on messages cell (#2348)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT][RCVC] HintsView layout adjustments & user priority (#2367)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENTS] Bug fixes & improvements on the new composer & components (#2239)
  • [x] [CHORE] Adjust spacing from basic message to other messages (#2427)
  • [x] [CHORE] Full Dynamic Type support for messages & UI adjustments (#2402)
  • [x] [CHORE] Libraries updates: Realm, Nuke, Fabric, Crashlytics and more... (#2292)
  • [x] [CHORE] Log the opening of the admin to understand the usage of it (#2209)
  • [x] [CHORE] Make image and video components size be based on screen's proportion (#2421)
  • [x] [CHORE] Only use unmanaged objects on transforming markdown cache (#2335)
  • [x] [CHORE] Refactor chat theme adoption (#2267)
  • [x] [CHORE] Refactor scroll to bottom (#2320)
  • [x] [CHORE] Remove identify/anonymize mechanisms from AnalyticsCoordinator (#2306)
  • [x] [CHORE] Remove SlackTextViewController and old chat implementation (#2283)
  • [x] [CHORE] Resolve couple code warnings in the project (#2246)
  • [x] [CHORE] Support empty title & alias on the message (#2341)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update API endpoint of Permissions list (#2257)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update app version to 3.2 (222) (#2424)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update DifferenceKit & improvements on the data controller, also fixes unit tests (#2261)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update our SDK version with spacing adjustments (#2315)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update Realm to 3.12 (#2415)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update RocketChatViewController (#2339)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update RocketChatViewController to reflect latest fixes (#2293)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update RocketChatViewController with bug fixes (#2429)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update SDK to fix the app build (#2401)
  • [x] [CHORE] Use dataSorted to calculate cell's size (#2299)
  • [x] [CI] Use iOS 11.2 in place of 11.3 for circle CI (#2207)
  • [x] [CRASH] AuthTableViewController.swift line 128 AuthTableViewController.viewDidLoad() (#2394)
  • [x] [CRASH] Fixed a crash with invalid Realm thread (#2414)
  • [x] [FIX] Avatars for Subscription not using the # char on the URL (#2327)
  • [x] [FIX] Code adjustments, message update properties & user full name on the message (#2410)
  • [x] [FIX] Color not being applied to text attachments (#2397)
  • [x] [FIX] Crashes on adding values to the list and duplicated data (#2274)
  • [x] [FIX] Duplicated data on receiving modifications from Realm (#2242)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed mentions list sorting (#2210)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed problem with unread marker wrongly positioned (#2399)
  • [x] [FIX] MessagesViewController keep in memory after closing chat rooms (#2409)
  • [x] [FIX] Missing data on the list & fixed unit tests (#2281)
  • [x] [FIX] Add trailing space after autocompletion (#2286)
  • [x] [FIX] Adjust missing constraint in TextAttachmentCell.xib (#2343)
  • [x] [FIX] Attachment sorting (#2422)
  • [x] [FIX] Composer disappearing after app store review (#2380)
  • [x] [FIX] Composer not listening to theme changes (#2297)
  • [x] [FIX] Constraints and margins on chat components (#2391)
  • [x] [FIX] Crash on opening members list (#2375)
  • [x] [FIX] Crash when tapping on collapsible quote (#2272)
  • [x] [FIX] Disable theming in onboarding views (#2389)
  • [x] [FIX] Emoji autocompletion in new composer (#2237)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed bugs on Theming that was causing the Subscriptions cells to not be applied (#2352)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed quote attachment resizing (#2358)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed the sorting of the list and priority of the cells (#2217)
  • [x] [FIX] Freezing video thumb generation & race condition on data (#2309)
  • [x] [FIX] Include path in OAuth callback url building (#2333)
  • [x] [FIX] Keyboard return not sending message on new composer (#2296)
  • [x] [FIX] Light keyboard showing in dark themes in composer (#2285)
  • [x] [FIX] Long names with read receipt are breaking the date field (#2356)
  • [x] [FIX] Open Keyboard when replying (#2312)
  • [x] [FIX] Permissions API changed format on new endpoint (#2426)
  • [x] [FIX] Pushing multiple chat controllers on navigation stack when lagging (#2405)
  • [x] [FIX] Realm write operations outside write transaction (#2381)
  • [x] [FIX] Recalculate sequential messages size when they were not sequential before an update (#2282)
  • [x] [FIX] Reintroduce message drafting (#2308)
  • [x] [FIX] UI call being made on background thread to fetch current theme (#2298)
  • [x] [FIX] Update Message based on URL, attachments and reactions changes and also fixed bug where user wouldn't be present in database (#2305)
  • [x] [FIX] Updates on Subscription weren't being reflect on the database (#2353)
  • [x] [FIX] Collapsible cells & user initiated interaction flow generally (#2345)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Autocompletion dimming chat without hints (#2406)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Inverted scrolling shortcuts (#2351)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Only return to send on iPad (#2355)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Reintroduce iPad chat empty state (#2301)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Reintroduce room join feature (#2316)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Reintroduces failed/offline messages error icon (#2384)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Deleted messages are not removed from the list (#2428)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Left and right edges on iPad need to increase to match the other elements in the controller (#2295)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Long-press & tapping username/avatar is not being handled by cells with attachments (#2369)
  • [x] [I18N] Add support to Italian language (#2332)
  • [x] [I18N] Improvement for it locale (#2336)
  • [x] [REBASE] Merge Audio, Video + Reactions into base branch (#2221)
  • [x] [TESTS][CI] Fixing the timeout problem we have on tests when CI is busy (#2214)
  • [x] [TESTS][NEW] Remove User relationship with Message, fixed all unit tests and remove test realm instance (#2243)

v3.1.2 - Nov 28, 2018

📄 Release notes

- Performance improvements;
- Bugs fixed;

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❤️

  • @filipealva

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [CHORE] Remove user from crash reports (#2368)

v3.1.1 - Sep 22, 2018

📄 Release notes

- Handle system/bots/private messages (messages that are temporary and only for you);
- Remove the defaults to open.rocket.chat on connect screen;
- Fixed a bug on uploading images with some specific size limitation on the settings;
- Fixed a problem with long channel names on the title view of the chat;
- Fixed a crash that rarely happened when tapping a invalid cell;
- Fixed a bug on clearing user's roles after going to the Members screen;
- Fixed a couple of random crashes during server changes;
- Fixed a couple of bugs on signup process;

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❤️

  • @cardoso
  • @rafaelks
  • @Sameesunkaria

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] Add support to the event ":userId:/message" subscription (#1509)
  • [x] [NEW] Handle system/private messages stream (#2180)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Remove defaults to open.rocket.chat & add a new placeholder to the connection field (#2182)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Theme background for code blocks and markdown quotes (#2190)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Use a darker background for code blocks on dark themes (#2146)
  • [x] [CHORE] Migrate to Xcode 10 & Swift 4.2 (#2027)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update subtitle on Welcome screen to "Team Communication" (#2188)
  • [x] [CHORE] Use latest swift for all pods (#2155)
  • [x] [CRASH] AuthTableViewController.swift line 312 -- specialized AuthTableViewController.tableView(UITableView, cellForRowAt : IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell (#2175)
  • [x] [CRASH] Fixed crash on reusing cells for Auth controller (#2176)
  • [x] [FIX + UPDATES] Update Realm & Firebase, fixed bug introduced on Community button and fixed a bug with long chats name (#2189)
  • [x] [FIX] Changed avatar in app/web won't show to other users (#2183)
  • [x] [FIX] Crash on invalid subscription managed object (#2187)
  • [x] [FIX] Fix some problems with registration (#2173)
  • [x] [FIX] Roles would be cleaned on viewing the list of Members (#2186)
  • [x] [HOTFIX] Incorrect index path on tapping a cell in subscriptions VC (#2185)

v3.1.0 - Sep 5, 2018

📄 Release notes

This update introduces some exciting new features, a new language and many fixes and improvements. Check the highlights below:

- You now can change your notification preferences per room;
- Swipe actions in a channel, now you can swipe to mark as read, as unread, to favorite and unfavorite and also to hide a chat from the list;
- Keyboard Shortcuts support, press "Command" from an external keyboard to see the list of available commands;
- Japanese language support;
- Many improvements on the list of chats related to performance and animations;
- Added back the search of messages to the room;
- Fixed a bug on theming search bar for emojis;
- Fixed a bug when showing hidden rooms on the share extension;
- General updates and improvements;

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❤️

  • @artrmz
  • @cardoso
  • @cmassi
  • @filipealva
  • @kaiiiiiiiii
  • @rafaelks
  • @Sameesunkaria
  • @soundstorm
  • @YuuTakahara

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] Add Japanese translation file (#2145)
  • [x] [NEW] Add the actions to the Subscription (Hide, Leave, Mark as Read & Unread) (#1960)
  • [x] [NEW] Keyboard shortcuts (#1977)
  • [x] [NEW] Menu for changing push notification settings (#1396)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] German translations (#2156)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Update UI optimistically after editing message (#2142)
  • [x] [CHORE] Add an event to when replying a notification (#2154)
  • [x] [CHORE] Add events for "New Workspace" & "Status Update" (#2106)
  • [x] [CHORE] Add script to validate localizable strings files (#2144)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update pods libraries (many of them) (#2152)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update PreferencesViewController.swift (#2130)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update Realm, Nuke & Firebase from CocoaPods (#2095)
  • [x] [CRASH] Fatal Exception: RLMException Object has been deleted or invalidated (#2136)
  • [x] [CRASH] Validate Subscription object before using it (#2166)
  • [x] [FIX] It is not possible to change server (#2126)
  • [x] [FIX] Quick reply adds new chat view (#2128)
  • [x] [FIX] Add chat message search back to the app (#2097)
  • [x] [FIX] Background color for the search bar in EmojiPicker (#2101)
  • [x] [FIX] Filter hidden rooms from share extension (#2092)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed a crash on invalidated object, Japanese translation file & missing strings (#2151)
  • [x] [FIX] Handle uploading images when there is no file size limit (#2118)
  • [x] [FIX] Message actions not taking into account room roles (#2139)
  • [x] [FIX] Messages getting cut and scrolling (#2143)
  • [x] [FIX] Messages not being deleted immediately (#2127)
  • [x] [FIX] Not opening correct room after tapping notification when in other server (#2167)
  • [x] [FIX] Fix not showing room selection when using shortcut (#2153)
  • [x] [I18N] Add Japanese to the Project (#2147)
  • [x] [I18N] Sync translations (#2149)
  • [x] [I18N] Update all pt-BR strings for the notifications screen (#2103)
  • [x] [I18N] Japanese translation file update (#2150)

v3.0.4 - Aug 6, 2018

📄 Release notes

- Fixed a problem on deeplinks for servers that only support authentication via email;

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❤️

  • @cardoso
  • @filipealva

✅ Pull requests merged

  • [x] [HOTFIX] Deeplink auth for servers without login services (#2105)
  • [x] [FIX] Not taking server roles into account in room context (#2109)