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Take your conversations with you and never miss the action with our
iOS mobile app, with features including brand new UI with 3 themes, new ways to sort
and group conversations, and new onboarding experience


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Rocket.Chat iOS native application

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About Rocket.Chat

Beta Access (TestFlight)

You can signup to our TestFlight builds by acessing this link: https://testflight.apple.com/join/3gcYeoMr.

For discussion and feedback on the latest TestFlight build, please access the #ios-beta channel on our community server.

Reporting an Issue

Github Issues are used to track todos, bugs, feature requests, and more.

Also check the community on open.rocket.chat. We'd like to help.

How to report an Issue

If you found a bug, please include the current version number (Sidebar > Dropdown > My Account). Please also mention the device. Some features only work with newer versions of Rocket.Chat servers, you can get the current version number (even if you're not admin) via https://chat.server/api/info.

Please include as much information as you can provide. E.g. try to write down steps to reproduce the bug so we can investigate. If you would like to help, see how to contribute.

Is your bug critical regarding security? Read here

The app can't connect to your server?

Make sure your server supports WebSocket as well as SSL. Apache supports WebSockets from 2.4 on, Nginx with 1.3 or greater.


Are you an iOS developer and would like to help? Found a bug that you would like to report or a missing feature that you would like to request? Great! We have written down a Contribution guide so you can start easily.

Themes β˜€οΈπŸŒ™

Choose from 3 new themes to take you from day to night.



We have developed an exclusive experience for iPad users: you can now multitask by using Rocket.Chat at the same time as other apps.






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v3.5.0 - May 10, 2019

πŸ“„ Release notes

- Now the app supports Threads;
- Do not group messages from the same user, but different alias;
- Added support to two-way SSL authentication;
- Ability to crop the avatar before uploading it;
- Fixed the background color of the "swipe to read" to fill the content;
- Fixed a bug on custom emojis with URL escaped name;
- Fixed a bug with reactions on the main message of a discussion;
- Some fixes on theming overall;

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❀️

  • @cardoso
  • @jungeonkim
  • @rafaelks
  • @shloak17107
  • @snuff4

βœ… Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] Crop image before uploading avatar (#2642)
  • [x] [NEW] Initial support to Threads (#2667)
  • [x] [NEW] SSL client certificates support (two-way authentication) (#2555)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Adjustments on Threads implementation (#2693)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Swipe to read messages with uniform colour (#2664)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update old libraries from Swift 3 to Swift 4.2 (#2574)
  • [x] [FIX] Don't group message with different alias (#2684)
  • [x] [FIX] Prevent CustomEmoji image URL double url escaping (#2679)

v3.4.1 - Apr 8, 2019

πŸ“„ Release notes

- Added initial support to Discussions;
- Fixed a bug on the "Join" view for iPhone X;
- Fixed a bug where the navigation bar would be hidden on iPhones;

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❀️

  • @rafaelks
  • @snuff4

βœ… Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] Initial support to Discussions (#2646)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update MobilePlayer Pod for iPhone XR/XS Max support (#2641)
  • [x] [FIX] "Join Channel" button overlapping home bar on iPhone X/Xr/Xs/Max (#2629)
  • [x] [FIX] Navigation bar disappears after subscription search (#2640)
  • [x] [FIX] ShareExtension references to Discussion (#2647)

v3.4.0 - Apr 2, 2019

πŸ“„ Release notes

- Now you can send audio messages;
- Directory is now available in the app to see all channels, users and federated users;
- Added support to Chinese (Traditional);
- Support to authenticated avatars request;
- Now the app will always try to open links in other apps as universal links, if available. If it's not available, it will respect your browser of preference;
- Fixed a bug when the device had disabled the 24H time for certain timezones;
- Fixed the display of Threads on the list of conversations;
- Fixed avatars with authentication required not loading;
- Fixed user loosing roles after some specific steps;

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❀️

  • @andy840119
  • @artrmz
  • @blewjy
  • @kmav
  • @luismachado
  • @rafaelks
  • @snuff4

βœ… Pull requests merged

  • [X] [NEW] Directory (#2588)
  • [X] [NEW] Try to open links as an universal URL instead of directly on the browser (#2590)
  • [X] [IMPROVEMENT] Adjust wording of Members in Directory (#2604)
  • [X] [IMPROVEMENT] Allow scrolling of chat title if it doesn’t fit (#2603)
  • [X] [IMPROVEMENT] Auto suggesting slash commands even when not first character (#2599)
  • [X] [IMPROVEMENT] Better task management on Directory (#2592)
  • [X] [IMPROVEMENT] Change theme for MBProgressHUD (#2600)
  • [X] [IMPROVEMENT] Support authentication parameters on avatars (#2591)
  • [X] [CHORE] Add events to Directory & Audio Messages (#2593)
  • [X] [CHORE] UI adjustments on quotes & replies (#2626)
  • [X] [CHORE] UI adjustments on the list of chats (#2618)
  • [X] [CHORE] Update RocketChatViewController SDK to use haptic feedback & DifferenceKit to 1.0 (#2589)
  • [X] [CHORE] Update RocketChatViewController with audio recorder feedback sounds (#2609)
  • [X] [CHORE] Update RocketChatViewController with better audio feedback, bug fixes and more (#2619)
  • [X] [CHORE] Update SDK with haptic feedback working again (#2610)
  • [X] [FIX] Auth params into channel avatar URL (#2620)
  • [X] [FIX] Clear listeners for dynamic value in notifications (#2602)
  • [X] [FIX] Refactor EmojiPickerViewController and fix memory leak on iPhone (#2608)
  • [X] [FIX] User is loosing roles on mapping lastMessage (#2624)
  • [X] [I18N] Add missing polish translations (#2601)
  • [X] [I18N] Add Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) translation file (#2587)
  • [X] [I18N] Greek translation update 2019-03-30 (#2623)

v3.3.1 - Feb 13, 2019

πŸ“„ Release notes

- Fixed bug on starting new conversations via the app;

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❀️

  • @rafaelks

βœ… Pull requests merged

  • [x] [BUG] New DMs after searching user are not getting created via API (#2546)

v3.3.0 - Feb 6, 2019

πŸ“„ Release notes

- Jitsi Video Conference support;
- Support announcements;
- Removed @ on mentions;
- Much better layout for mentions highlights;
- Loading messages indicator;
- Markdown support on "reply/quote" banner;
- Support to "Copy permalink" of any message;
- Fixed a bug on sharing screenshots to Rocket.Chat;
- Huge optimization on resizing images;
- Improved font-size for Dynamic Typing;

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Contributors

Thank you all for making this release happen! ❀️

  • @blewjy
  • @cardoso
  • @cmassi
  • @filipealva
  • @rafaelks
  • @TheMythPT

βœ… Pull requests merged

  • [x] [NEW] Copy message permalink (#2441)
  • [x] [NEW] Jitsi Integration (#2450)
  • [x] [NEW] Support announcements (#2514)
  • [x] [NEW] Update Video Call icons on Jitsi SDK (#2533)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Add editing changed handler to UITextField in connect screen (#2494)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Move message history loading to REST API (#2455)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Optimize "mark as read" requests API (#2467)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Remove @ and add left & right spacing to mentions (#2436)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Show emojis and markdown in reply/quote popup (#2435)
  • [x] [IMPROVEMENT] Show emojis inside quotes (#2445)
  • [x] [CHORE] Disable Video/Audio call (CallKit) in China region (#2536)
  • [x] [CHORE] Hide empty information from Channel Information (#2526)
  • [x] [CHORE] Remove @ from file attachments, autocomplete & quotes (#2521)
  • [x] [CHORE] Remove code and support for servers below 0.62.0 (#2448)
  • [x] [CHORE] Remove the feature to block users locally from the app (#2510)
  • [x] [CHORE] Remove unused code, resolve some SwiftLint warnings & suppress couple (#2517)
  • [x] [CHORE] Replace DM icon by bubble on titleView (#2516)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update RocketChatViewController & DifferenceKit (#2535)
  • [x] [CHORE] Update RocketChatViewController (#2461)
  • [x] [FIX] Crash on tapping Wordpress or sometimes other external services on Login screen (#2500)
  • [x] [FIX] Do not return NaN values or negative values from the sizing manager (#2470)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed color into forgot password button (#2524)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed issue on connecting to a server & having an invalid server after all in some edge cases (#2525)
  • [x] [FIX] Fixed issues with duplicated subscription or missing on the list (#2493)
  • [x] [FIX] Issues with Dynamic Typing being different than expected (#2478)
  • [x] [FIX] Read receipts missing on the list of messages (#2511)
  • [x] [FIX] Use Accelerate framework to resize UIImage in order to use much less memory for the share extension (#2479)
  • [x] [FIX] View models deallocation & Subscription object mapping fixing on updates (#2523)
  • [x] [FIX] Mishandling message websocket updates (#2452)
  • [x] [FIX][RCVC] Reintroduce "loading messages" indication (#2416)
  • [x] [FIX][REGRESSION] Not sending typing event (#2442)
  • [x] [FIX][REGRESSION] Slash commands not working (#2449)
  • [x] [HOTFIX] Only show loading messages in initial request (#2446)
  • [x] [I18N] Add Chinese Simplified language support to the app (#2483)
  • [x] [I18N] Add new translations for italian strings (#2443)
  • [x] [I18N] Translate italian strings for video calls (#2501)
  • [x] [I18N] Update Localizable.strings (#2433)
  • [x] [I18N] Update Localizable.strings (#2458)