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Repository an iOS weather Forecast app: ForecastApp.

This app was created to work on Clean Architecture, RxSwift and all the technologies listed in the table below.

Objective and audience of the app

The main functionality of the app is to display the weather forecast for the current user GPS location for the next 2/3 hours, containing the following data:

  • temperature
  • wind
  • precipitation

Moreover, among others things, the user will be able to request the weather for other locations.

Sample screenshot for the app

1. Build and install

1.1. Requirements

  • Xcode 9.3
  • iOS 10 SDK and above
  • Swift 4

1.2. Getting the code

In order to build, run and access the app, the first thing you have to do is to clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/RLRG/ForecastApp.git

It is important to remark that we have used CocoaPods as the dependency manager for this project so that it is needed to run a ‘pod install’ command in the same path where the PodFile is located to download all the third-party frameworks:

pod install

1.3. Running the app

Open ForecastApp.xcworkspace with XCode. Then, you are ready to go !

Before running it, note that there are two targets for now:

  • ForecastAppLAB: When you run this target, you will see an extra button in order to open the FLEX in-app debugger, which is used to monitor and get information about the operation of the app in real time: logs, local database, network operation and so on.
  • ForecastApp: This target would be used for the submission to the App Store.

2. Resources

This paragraph includes all the resources used to create this project, including frameworks, APIs and other information resources such as tutorials, documentation and so on.

2.1. Third-party frameworks

| Framework | Description | | --- | --- | | CocoaPods | The Cocoa Dependency Manager. | | FLEX Debugger | An in-app debugger. | | SwiftLint | A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions. | | Alamofire | Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift. | | Realm | Mobile database used to persist data of the app. | | RxSwift | Reactive Programming in Swift used mainly to communicate layers of the app. | | Travis CI | Continuous Integration used to build the project and run unit tests automatically. | | SVProgressHUD | A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS and tvOS app. | | Other | Other frameworks related to the ones already mentioned such as: RxRealm, RxTest, RxSwiftExt, RxAlamofire, ObjectMapper, QueryKit, RealmSwift (see project PodFile) |

2.2. APIs

| Framework | Description | | --- | --- | | OpenWeather | It is used to retrieve the information about the weather. |

2.3. Other information resources

| Resource | Description | | --- | --- | | Realm/Jazzy | Soulful docs for Swift & Objective-C. Framework used to generate documentation of the code. | | App icon and buttons | Icon made by Rami McMin from https://www.flaticon.com and all the sizes of the icon were generated with https://makeappicon.com/ | | Realm database migrations | The procedure we need to follow in case the Realm database model changes. |

3. Future work & Improvements

Among other things:

  • Add more unit tests. I have covered part of the view and almost the whole presenter layer.
  • Analytics, Bug reporting & Logging. We could have used Firebase for this task.
  • Add the "look city weather forecast" functionality, which is currently half developed. We only need to develop the UI part: add a new alert to enter the city name and, for example, add several screens having each of them one location.
  • About screen/info: including the attributions for the third-party frameworks used, the version of the app and so on.
  • Integrate Flickr to get an image from the city from where we are requesting the weather data and display it to the user.
  • Include an animation when the app is launching.
  • Extend the model of the app with more useful information for the user.
  • ...

4. Feedback

As I am continuously learning, I would appreciate if you take a look at my code and you have recommendations to improve it in different ways. You can contact me at rodri.lopezromero@gmail.com to do so :smiley:


The contents of this repository are covered under the Apache License 2.0.


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