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Pickle API

Install and deploy

This project works with docker and docker-compose. It was tested for docker version 18.09.2 and docker-compose version 1.23.2. To run this project simply do

git clone https://github.com/Mykapo/Hermes.git
cd Hermes

You will need to create a global.env file which you have a model with global.env.dist. So you can run

cp global.env.dist global.env

and eventually change the values.

The exposed port is 8080 and no volume is mapped, so make sure your port 8080 is free to use. When you're ready, juste run

# Make sure none of these container is running
yes | docker-compose rm && docker-compose up --build

Available routes

Static Files



return image if it exists




create a new user and returns it as JSON



returns user if it exists


Missions are sent based on user level, so you always have to send a valid user_id to get missions



Returns the long mission currently running or a new one, plus 3 short missions based on user level



Where :result must be either victory, defeat or draw. Update the user's elo score.

JSON Format

As codables are shared between frontend and backend, they are defined in a library you can find on this repo


  "id": String, // (from UUID)
  "nickname": String,
  "elo": Elo,


  "id": String, // (from UUID),
  "results": String,
  "explanations": String,
  "image": String,
  "mainSubject": String, // in energy, food, waste
  "description": String,
  "tips": [String],
  "elo": Elo,


  "energy": Int,
  "waste": Int,
  "food": Int,


User's progression is based on Elo Score in order to always propose coherent mission compared to user's level.

For a better repartition of our users, we chose to set the diffrent steps at 800 elo and 2000. This score is obtained by making an average of all three elos (energy, waste and food).


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