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14.0.0-beta.2 - Sep 9, 2019

This beta just updates Alamofire to version 5.0.0-rc.2.

14.0.0-beta.1 - Sep 6, 2019


✅ Combine extensions ✅ NetworkLoggerPlugin rewrite ✅ Alamofire 5.0.0-rc.1

For NetworkLoggerPlugin, see our migration guide!



  • Combine support! #1904 by @sunshinejr.
  • Very raw SPM testing support! Thanks to the work on OHHTTPStubs, we can finally start using swift test again. #1896 by @sunshinejr.


  • Breaking Change Minimum version of Alamofire is now 5.0.0-rc.1. #1909 by @sunshinejr.
  • Breaking Change The NetworkLoggerPlugin have been reworked to allow more customization about the logged request's components. #1894 by @amaurydavid.
  • Breaking Change Bumped ReactiveSwift version to 6.1.0. This should only affect Carthage users, but you'll probably want to use 6.1.0 in all of your Xcode 11 projects. #1896 by @sunshinejr.
  • NetworkLoggerPlugin now logs error when available (using LogOptions.verbose or specyfing errorResponseBody in your LogOptions). #1880 by @amaurydavid.

14.0.0-alpha.2 - Aug 1, 2019

This is a pre-release version of Moya 14. This includes removal of Result dependency (now using Swift's Result), upgrade to Alamofire 5 (currently 5.0.0-beta.7) and few more adjustments.



  • RequestType now has sessionHeaders! These are the headers that are added when the request is added to a session. #1878 by @sunshinejr.


  • Breaking Change Minimum target version are now in line with Alamofire 5. iOS: 10.0, tvOS: 10.0, macOS: 10.12, watchOS: 3.0. #1810 by @sunshinejr.
  • Breaking Change Minimum version of Alamofire is now 5.0.0-beta.7. #1810 by @sunshinejr.
  • Breaking Change Removed Result dependency in favor of Result introduced in Swift 5. #1858 by @larryonoff.
  • Breaking Change Added TargetType parameter in the output of NetworkLoggerPlugin. #1866 by @hasankose.
  • NetworkoLoggerPlugin uses the newly added sessionHeaders and now logs all the headers that the request will produce. #1878 by @sunshinejr.

14.0.0-alpha.1 - May 14, 2019

This is an early pre-release version of Moya 14. This includes newest RxSwift & ReactiveSwift versions. Next pre-releases would have new version of Alamofire and potentially removed Result dependency.



13.0.1 - May 1, 2019



  • Fixed a problem where, while using stubbed responses, Moya would generate weird cancellation errors in the console. #1841 by @sunshinejr.