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An iOS app that automatically uploads your photos to the cloud. Made for people who only have 5 GB of iCloud storage and need to save their photos somewhere.


You'll need a Constants.swift file to store your Flickr API key and secret.
The file would look something like this:

import Foundation

struct Constants{
    struct Flickr{
        static let APIKEY = "<API KEY>"
        static let APISECRET = "<API SECRET>"

        static let safe = 1
        static let moderate = 2
        static let restricted = 3


    struct Google{
        static let CLIENTID = <CLIENTID retrieved from credentials.plist from google app creation>

Current functionality

  • Login/authentication with Flickr, Google Drive
  • Any photo you take is automatically uploaded to Flickr, Google Drive
  • Push notifications on successful upload
  • Photo queue for photos that were not successfully uploaded to Flickr, Google Drive due to lack of network. Try uploading again later.
  • Be able to upload all previous photos and specify criteria based on location, creation date.
  • Settings view to specify which account to upload images to.

Future Features

  • Uploading pictures automatically to: One Drive, Dropbox, etc. (And a settings view to configure all of this)
  • Smarter detection of new photos vs. modified photos.
  • It's pretty ugly right now.

How it works

The bulk of the functionality of this app uses the Photos framework–specifically, the PHPhotoLibraryChangeObserver. PHPhotoLibraryChangeObserver allows us to determine when a new image is added to the Photos app. From the observer, we can fetch changes and convert this to an UIImage object. Furthermore, the app must be able to run in background mode in order to detect and upload newly taken photos while the user is using a different app. This is accomplished through registering the PHPhotoLibrary instance in the AppDelegate's applicationDidEnterBackground.


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