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Base for API's that require user & team management including forgotten passwords, etc

Warning!: This system is only designed to work with PostgreSQL!


Just add following line package to your Package.swift file.

.package(url: "https://github.com/LiveUI/ApiCore.git", .branch("master"))


There is a few ways to configure ApiCore. The easiest is through the Environmental variables.

JWT_SECRET        // Set secret for signing JWT auth tokens. Default is "secret"
SERVER_URL        // Define server's URL, overrides `X-Forwarded-Proto` header

Integrationg ApiCore into a Vapor 3 app

To use ApiCore in an app, your configure.swift file could look something like this:

import Foundation
import Vapor
import DbCore
import MailCore
import ApiCore

public func configure(_ config: inout Config, _ env: inout Vapor.Environment, _ services: inout Services) throws {
    print("Starting Boost")
    // Register routes
    let router = EngineRouter.default()
    try ApiCore.boot(router: router)
    services.register(router, as: Router.self)
    // Database - Load database details from environmental variables
    let db = DbCore.envConfig(defaultDatabase: "boost")
    // Emails - Configure mail client, please see https://github.com/LiveUI/MailCore for more details
    guard let mailGunApi = Environment.get("MAILGUN_API"),  let mailGunDomain = Environment.get("MAILGUN_DOMAIN") else {
        fatalError("Mailgun API key or domain is missing")
    let mail = Mailer.Config.mailgun(key: mailGunApi, domain: mailGunDomain)
    Mailer(config: mail, registerOn: &services)
    // Go!
    try ApiCore.configure(databaseConfig: db, &config, &env, &services)

and main.swift somehow like that:

import ApiCoreApp
import Service
import Vapor

do {
    var config = Config.default()
    var env = try Environment.detect()
    var services = Services.default()
    // Setup ApiCore configure
    try ApiCoreApp.configure(&config, &env, &services)
    let app = try Application(
        config: config,
        environment: env,
        services: services
    try app.run()
} catch {
    print("Top-level failure: \(error)")




Join our Slack, channel #help-boost to ... well, get help :)

Boost AppStore

Core package for Boost, a completely open source enterprise AppStore written in Swift!

  • Website: http://www.boostappstore.com
  • Github: https://github.com/LiveUI/Boost

Other core packages

  • BoostCore - AppStore core module
  • MailCore - Mailing wrapper for multiple mailing services like MailGun, SendGrig or SMTP (coming)
  • DBCore - Set of tools for work with PostgreSQL database
  • VaporTestTools - Test tools and helpers for Vapor 3

Code contributions

We love PR’s, we can’t get enough of them ... so if you have an interesting improvement, bug-fix or a new feature please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are not sure about something before you start the development you can always contact our dev and product team through our Slack.


Ondrej Rafaj (@rafiki270 on Github, Twitter, LiveUI Slack and Vapor Slack)


ApiCore is distributed under an Apache 2 license and can be shared or used freely within the bounds of the license itself. Most third party components used (like Vapor framework and all it’s components) in this software are MIT licensed. List of all used software is listed in the repository. All components are available in the dependencies folder.

See the LICENSE file for more info.