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Watson TP Product Finder which lets you search for product on TP from an image

This app was create during the TP Hackation.The hackaton was focus on using AI and Machine learning to create new products and services.

Team 3

(My awesome team) has choose to create an app using IBM Bluemix and using Watson Visual Recognition capabilities to create an app.

Getting Started (Xcode 8.0.2 / Swift 3)

  1. Run the command at the root: Swift Build
  2. Change the variable with: let WatsonAPIKey = ""

Possibles improvements

I had to make some sacrifices in order to have an app up and running.

So I would like to improve:

  • See the camera straight away rather than touching the button
  • Improve the speed of the app
  • Improve Safari in-app browser with a TP feel


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